A Room Full of Altars

It seems my love of visual merchandising and interior design is going to be apparent in my room.  Not at first glance though.  The walls have never been painted and are far from flawless.   There are carpet stains. The drapery, bedding, and furniture are mostly previously owned by others.  The room definitely looks lived in.  The design aspect comes into place with the creation of altars.  I love setting up altars.  I love arranging crystals, faux flowers, candles, etc.on the surfaces to create something pretty and symbolically meaningful.   I currently have my main altar (where I sit at for devotion to God and Goddess), a Christmas season altar, an Aine altar,  an altar to two of my grandparents (who are now in the spirit world) and the land they came from, and an altar for paying respect to my deceased kitty along with a crystal grid to send good energy to the living kitties in my life.  The last two altars mentioned are on bookcase shelves.  A fellow witch would be like “Dayum, half of your room is an altar.”  Muggles will mostly just see decorating. If you’d like several altars without a lot of available floor space, bookcases work great.  Blessed be, y’all.    


2 thoughts on “A Room Full of Altars

  1. My sister Sara always says instead of thinking you are not doing artwork, to increase your definitions of what artwork is. Designing alters is a form of art, as is cooking, how you dress, writing (even blog posts), and so many other things. Art is not limited to the canvas or page, sometimes we need to step away from ‘traditional’ art forms to discover the art in the little things we do in life. The way you walk can be art, the way you hold space, your personality, etc.

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