Children of the Moon


Seeing the full moon and nearly full moon causes me to grin.  I don’t really think of the moon as a goddess.  I know it is a celestial body.  Yet, I feel some excitement when I see that rounded glow in the sky.  It feels almost as if the moon is smiling at me.  She (yes, I am using personification here) is absolutely gorgeous.  I can’t help but to “oooo” and “aaah” at her.  I want to tell her “Hello” with a grin and “Goodnight” with anticipation for the next time she appears to me.  Her movement out from behind the clouds leaves me relating to a baby when a loved one decides to play peek-a-boo.

Tonight I find myself wondering if the moon may actually have a another spiritual purpose among its functions.  Perhaps the moon is a beacon and reminder for those who I will call the children of the moon.  I think many Wiccans will be in that collection of people.  Many Wiccans have a reverence for the moon.  They associate her cycle with their own life cycle.  I am finding a symbolism in her that brings a message.  That message is essentially that even though we cannot be the sun, we can be like the moon.

I will explain.  There are high-energy people in the world that seem to be able to run full-blast from morning until night.  These people are productive basically every day (not just because of societal necessity, but because they want to be).  These are the people that work 6 days a week, drive their kids to miscellaneous practices, make dinner regularly, take pretty much every chance they get to help others, and don’t know what to do with themselves if they have more than 10 minutes of free time.  They do all of this and somehow don’t turn into total grouches.  Frankly, this is the “ideal” American.  These are sun children.

On the other hand are the children of the moon.  Our energy develops in a different cycle.  Instead of refreshing to a similar level every day that seems to hold steady, we wax and wane.  We get things done, but not to the extent of sun children.  Some days we feel like being hermits.  We often are most creative while other people are sleeping.  If you are flooded with ideas and energy until 4:30 in the morning, it makes it quite difficult be a peppy go-getter from 9 to 5.  We can seem unreliable or lazy because were aren’t busy doing something every time somebody is looking at us.  We often have to train ourselves to be on a “normal” schedule because society and/or our loved ones do not allow us to work on our own naturally fluctuating schedule.   All of this could add up to make a moon child feel bad about himself or herself.  Then we see that full moon glow piercing through the darkness, and joy fills us.

At her fullest, the moon shines in the dark without overtaking the dark.  Your eyes focus on her because of that.   She inspires on those nights.  She is an obvious contrast, and that is part of her beauty.  I don’t complain during the dark moon (or new moon) when I can’t see her.  I know she is there.  She is simply going through her cycle.  She is gradually working toward her next night of full shine, and there is no shame in taking all the time you need when something beautiful is being prepared.  We moon children shouldn’t feel the need to shine like the sun because shining like the moon is wonderful too.

Blessed be, y’all.


One thought on “Children of the Moon

  1. My Mother calls me Moon for my late night hours. I do often get energy in the night. Not last night, last night had a headache from taking part in a study where they measured my brain waves. They had to remove dead skin from my head first and put a tight cap on. I am not sure if it was the machine or my upset scalp giving me a headache and making me tired. Yesterday, I aided the advancement of brain science.

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