Update on Christmas Wishlist

Last month I posted a wishlist with 10 items on it.  I have since acquired 6 of those things.  Not bad at all.  My new older model phone has to wait until Dad is paid some money he is owed.  My great big dream quartz will have to wait until an unforseen time in the future.  Keeping my eyes on eBay and having prices rocket up was basically a stressful waste of time.  I at least learned the lesson that trying to acquire an item at a bargain price through auction around the holidays is not a good ideal.  Everybody is trying to find the perfect gifts so competition is up.  I am expecting a spiritual gift that was ordered to arrive in a week or so.  I finally will be getting a copy of The Witches’ Goddess!  It is a used copy since my way of thinking is it would be a waste of money to get a new copy of a book for $20 plus whatever shipping cost when I can get a gently used copy of a book for $5.99 total.  Perhaps this book will inspire some posts.  Blessed be, y’all. 


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