Snake Dream

During my most recent sleep cycle I dreamt of snakes of different sizes and colors.  I dreamt that they were unexplainably drawn to me.  That they seemed to be dropping on me from nowhere, mysteriously show up wrapping themselves around my arms and slithering across me.  There were people around me, yet the snakes were not bothering them.  I looked out of a window and could see dozens of snakes spread out across the yard.  I was in a state of panic, completely terrified.  I asked a young woman who was tending to me to put me out of my misery, but she calmly kept attending to me.  She moved my shirt to look for and attend to bites.  There was a particularly visible bite on my upper back, I believe between my shoulder blades.  I was horrified at the possibility that whichever snake that had bitten me was venomous.  I think the dream ended shortly after that.  I probably woke up for a moment.  It seems it was a fairly short dream (thankfully).

I noticed some things while reflecting on the dream.  For example, everybody else seemed kind of oblivious to the snakes even being there.  Everybody exempting the kind young woman helping me.    Also, I don’t really recall any of the snakes being aggressive toward me.  There may have been some small defensive bites from small snakes as I tried to shake/throw them off of me.  However, I don’t remember any sensations of physical agony or sickness like one would experience if suffering from a venomous snake bite.  On the contrary, there was only the one particularly noticeable bite.  Though the bite was fresh and red, I don’t remember feeling pain from it.  Retrospectively, the snakes acted like they just needed to be around me/against me, but they did not seem to want to hurt me.  I think I recall at least one of the small ones that had dropped on me seemed to be giving off a vibe similar to what my cat gives off when he snuggles with me.  Yet,  I was overwhelmed by fear and desperation.

I’m not entirely sure what this dream means, if anything at all.  However, it seems like one of my dreams that does present some sort of message for me.  I can think of a couple of theories for its meaning.

  1. The snakes represent a change that I cannot avoid.  Even though it may greatly scare me,  more suffering will come from my resistance and fear than the change itself.
  2. The snake is sometimes associated with Persephone.  It has also appeared to me in shamanic meditation in the past.  Perhaps I need to devote more time to spiritual studies.  My studies have been low key for a while now.  Maybe the convoy of snakes was there to make a big impression, so that I would remember the message when I wake up.  Maybe that bite between the shoulders represents that I am different than those around me, and that being afraid of that will not change the fact. That while most will be oblivious to my spiritual goings-on, there will be somebody to comfort me even if that source does not fully understand what I am going through.

Perhaps both theories are correct.  Perhaps there is more to it than that.  Blessed be, y’all.


Standing Up for Yourself

So much contradiction lies in the messages we receive about standing up for ourselves.  Some people tell us to stand up for ourselves while others tell us to keep our mouths closed.  Many people who say “Stand up for yourself” mean “Stand up for yourself if you agree with me.”  If you don’t agree with those people, you are “wrong”.  Being “wrong” can get you ostracized or hurt.  Many of us are left to walk a tight rope while staggering like a drunkard.  Peace-keeping in an angry society can be quite exhausting.

I think what adds to confusion over the issue is some of the representation of “standing up for yourself”.  Often this idea is presented in a “shout it from the roof tops” kind of way.  That doesn’t fit with everybody’s personality.  Some people are not shouters.  Some people are quiet and/or gentle types.  Can quiet types “stand up” for themselves if they are unwilling to get loud?  I believe they can.  They just go about things differently.  Sometimes “standing up” for oneself involves expressing your right not to shout, your right to stay seated and quietly observe.  Sometimes “standing up” for oneself can involve walking out of a room without saying a word.  Sometimes “standing up” for oneself is calmly saying “Lets agree to disagree.”

If you have struggled with this issue, know that you are not alone.  I think many people are on this ship with you.  I’m talking about a Noah’s Ark size ship.



A fellow blogger pointed out the silliness of threatening non-Christians with Hell.  It inspired the thought in me that threatening non-believers with Hell is like threatening a middle aged man by telling him that Santa is going to bring him a lump of coal.  I believe Reddit users would categorize that as a shower thought.

Light Shiners


I channeled this a week ago by using the inspirational writing method.  This is a style of channeling in which you let words flow from you without worrying too much about what you are typing in the moment.  It is different than a mediumship style of channeling.  Here goes:

If you shine a light, people will see you.  That is not an issue.  The issue is that people may not like that light being shone.  People may resent that light being shone, even if those people claim to be fearful of the dark.  There is misunderstanding about what is light and what is dark.  “Good is light, bad is dark.”  Really things are not that simple.  Those who are afraid of the dark and live in an illusion of light can actually be centered in darkness, denying their own truths as well as realities outside of themselves.  If you come among people and give them a message in hopes to provide illumination, you will receive ready ears from those who have been waiting to receive a message of truth.  You will also receive screams of anger and fear from those who are not ready for truth.  If you are lucky, those not ready will merely roll their eyes and dismiss your words.

Thus, if you want to be a light shiner, you must be ready to encounter ready ears and those who would claim you to be full of crap.  There is a way to scale this at least.  You can control the brightness of your light like the volume of your voice.  You can control your audience, or at least try to.  Maybe you only enlighten five people this way, but a difference is made on a small scale.  The small difference could potentially cause a ripple effect and make a bigger difference.  It takes a very brave or bold person to shine their light full force.  This doesn’t mean they go around spotlighting everybody and saying “You are doing this, this, and this wrong.”  It means that they are willing to spread their message to a large group of people even though they are aware that negativity will likely come in equal amounts as positive reactions.  Sometimes the negativity might outweigh the positive reactions.  Are you willing to deal with that?  Are you willing to make yourself vulnerable on a scale that your family, friends, co-workers, etc. might turn against you?  If so, tell it like it is without strong filter.  Be loud, yet not overly abrasive.  You can make yourself heard while keeping a caring tone, a tone of love.  Finger pointing will only cause uproar.  If you want people to see their flaws, you have to be the light that shines, but they have to be the ones to recognize the shadows of themselves casted in the light.  They must be the ones to pick up a mirror and look at themselves.  If you try to hold the mirror to their faces when they are not ready, they will just close their eyes.

Realize such behaviors in yourselves as well.  When you feel yourselves fighting back at a person’s words, take a moment to notice why those words stir such a reaction from you.  Do they incite a fight or flight reaction because you are offended by the message being given for a good reason or because they highlight something about you that you don’t want noticed?  Examining yourself is important.  Do not be ashamed of your shadows.  Learn from those shadows.  They will tell you what you try to keep unseen, what you try to keep unfelt and unheard.  Denying them does not cause them to go away, it just causes you to be in denial about the wholeness of who you are and to live under the idea that you are better as half of yourself.  This doesn’t mean to let your shadows run wild and cause you to act out of pure impulse.  It just means to understand yourself better allows you to control yourself and your reactions with more grace.  It helps you to be less judgmental of others by allowing you to realize that contradictions and other alleged weaknesses have existed in you as well.

Honey Instead of Vinegar

There is so much anger in the world.  I cannot pretend that I am never angry.  It is a natural emotion that is bound to occur.  However, we condemn our success when we try to convert people to our ways of thought through the use of anger and shaming.  Yesterday I heard someone shame every Christian who eats meat.  The anger, shaming, and mockery have polluted facebook lately due to political controversy.  There are mommy shamers who are quick to point out “bad mothers” on the basis of a different parenting style or the inability to be perfect.   There are people who treat overweight people like targets for insults allegedly hoping that hurtful comments will inspire heavy people to get into shape.

There is a saying, “You’ll catch more flies with honey than vinegar.”  Although I don’t know if that is true in a literal sense, it definitely applies to convincing people to see things from your perspective.  If you want people to seriously consider your perspective, you should talk to them with a considerate tone.  Considerate, but not patronizing.  If you find yourself getting frustrated that “these idiots” or “scum” refuse to see things from your perspective, ask yourself “Have I tried to see things from their perspective?” and “How am I presenting myself to them?”  I realize that calming ourselves enough to think rationally isn’t always an easy task.  However, it seems to me that the world would be a more peaceful place if we all applied this.  It seems like more things would get done for progress because people would spend less time bickering.

Blessed be, y’all.

Paranormal Chess

Today I saw quite an interesting segment of Mysteries at the Museum.  It discussed how a man named Patrick Leonard had been friends and chess partners with Maurice Tillet (the French wrestler said to have inspired Shrek).  Leonard had a bust made from his friend’s face when Tillet passed away.  After some time without his chess partner to play with, Leonard got an electric chess board and started playing.  One day he went to unplug the board (no batteries in this board), and discovered it was not plugged in.  He had the board tested trying to find out what scientific reason there could be that the board worked unplugged.  No cause was found.  Leonard noticed that the board played in the style of his late friend.  He even had the bust tested to see if it had somehow been rigged and was effecting his chess board.  It was found just to be a plaster cast.  They decided to test the board by elevating it on glasses so that the underneath could be seen.  The board was unplugged and apparently the bust of Tillet was close by.  The board turned itself on and Leonard played a game in which the opponent played I believe forty something moves by the time the game had ended.  The logically minded Leonard concluded that the spirit of his late friend was playing chess with him through the electronic board.  They continued to play this way for years to come.  The bust is now in a museum after Leonard’s death in 2013.  The board stopped mysteriously working after his death.

Friday the 13th

In the spirit of the day, my usually very sweet kitty cat momentarily turned into a monster and decided that I needed to look like a recovering suicide patient.  We had been snuggling when he decided to latch onto my hand and repeatedly kick at my wrist.  It thankfully did not take long to detach him from me.  I cleaned the scratches, and he is getting ignored for a bit.  A stinging wrist does not exactly put me in an affectionate mood.  Hopefully the silent treatment will give him the idea that I don’t much care for being attacked.

Also in the spirit of Friday the 13th, it is rather cloudy.  I don’t much like when it is gray outside all day because that seems to cause me fatigue.  Hopefully that will not be the case.  Hopefully this day gets better and gives me no more problems.  Good luck to you all.

History Classes are Important

I recently read a sort of forwarded tirade that was shared on facebook.  The person who shared it seemed to think it was quite profound.  I, on the other hand, was perplexed by how blind it was to history.   The tirade mentioned an interview in which Billy Graham’s daughter was asked why God let 911 happen.  Her response was essentially that it was because our nation has asked God to leave it alone by pulling him out of our schools, government, and our lives.  Then the tirade goes on and on to declare that “children have no conscience” and “the world is going to hell” because we are not a Christian nation.

This is why history classes are important.  Are the people who hold stock in such a tirade unaware of The Inquisition?  What about the Salem Witch Trials?  The Crusades?  If they knew about these areas of history they would know that being a Christian nation does not ensure that the world is a peaceful place.  I’m a pretty open-minded and spiritual person.  Highly scientific people would likely scoff at my beliefs.  I am not scoffing at anybody’s religious or spiritual beliefs.  My issue is with the denial of widely known historical occurrences in order to get on a soap box and tell everybody that the world is going to hell because they don’t adhere to your religion.

Additionally, you can’t complain much about the country not being Christian when a large number of people in this country consider themselves to be Christian.  My city is a fairly small city.  Yet, I believe I may have counted about 19 churches while running errands with my Dad.  That was just inside the city limits.  There are 3 churches within a short walking distance to the middle and high schools I attended in a small rural community.  This town has 3 churches when it only has 2 gas stations.  To add one more point, churches are tax exempt.  That really says something when you live somewhere that taxes people’s income, property (land and home), automobiles, and every single thing purchased from a business (including food and beverage).

I suppose that is enough venting.  Blessed be, y’all.

Altar Redecoration

I redecorated my altar yesterday.   The picture was taken then.   Today I added a small blue spray bottle filled with snow water.  I tucked the bottle in the corner behind the pale yellow candle (my working candle).