A Mystery Gift

Subscribers to this blog might know that I am expecting a book to arrive in the mail.  I got home around 8 tonight and had a package waiting in the mailbox.  It seemed a little heavy for a paperback book, but I didn’t pay too much mind to that.  I eagerly opened the package to discover that it was not a book.  I was completely surprised and a little baffled to discover a quartz point almost the length of my hand (probably around 6 inches).  I inquired to two family members and my fiance to find out if any of them sent it.  They did not.  I can only think of one other person who would have sent this.  I have sent an email and await a reply.   In case anybody was thinking I should look at the return address, it was sent by an eBay seller.  I may not know for sure yet who to thank for such a delightful surprise, but it is appreciated.   The quartz has a nice, relaxed earthy vibe.  That may seem redudent since it was made by earth, but it seemed to have essentially the energy you would expect from a friend akin to Leo from That 70s show.  :-p  I found myself placing it at my feet while I was sitting on the floor chatting with my fella.  I have one other crystal I place at my feet.  I keep that one under my altar as a grounding crystal.  This tells me that my instincts quickly recognized this new quartz as having a grounding energy.  Also seemingly a happy energy.  Granted that could possibly be from my good mood after receiving it.  Anywho, blessed be y’all! 


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