Persephone’s Snow


Today I awoke with a sort of emotional muck trying to cover me.  It felt like a pin hole had been pricked within me and something unpleasant was leaking out.  I dealt with this same issue yesterday.  I’m not entirely sure what this muck was made of, but I have no desire to let it overtake me.  Yesterday and this morning Divine tended to the wound.  Surely they will continue to do so.  Now I will explain how I have been mended, and the title of this post should be understood.

Yesterday I noticed the full moon glory framed by my window soon after feeling the muck start to spread.  (Technically the full moon is tonight, but the night before and after the full moon are very similar in appearance and energy.)  I instantly drew up my blinds the moment I noticed the full light peaking through.  I lied on my bed and basked in the beauty.  A moon child rejoices when presented with lunar splendor.  That joy was a bandage.  Today I was cleansed and stitched with snow.

After spying on a mass of birds having a breakfast party for a bit, I put my shoes on and gathered snow from the front porch to put into two bottles later (essentially like old fashion glass milk bottles).  I began feeling better as I touched the snow.  It was cleaning off the muck.  It felt like Persephone was outside standing maybe 10-15 feet away.  If you are a regular reader of my posts, you know the significance of this.  Not only is Persephone my magickal namesake through archetype, previously I have not really felt her presence as an actual divine energy.  I felt Persephone energy rise within me this morning, that  energy that resides inside my core as who I am.  I am not sure if I felt Persephone’s divine presence, my own energy expanded, or a combination of both.  Whatever the case, I was called to take advantage of nature’s gift that surrounded.  I cleansed myself with this blessed snow.

I cleansed my hands that create and my feet that ground me.  I cleansed my crown chakra so that I could receive Divine ‘downloads’ and my third eye so that I can see the unseen.  I cleansed my eyelids so that I could see the world with a fresh perspective, and I cleansed my heart chakra to remove the muck that had been trying to spread.  I am renewed as I sit here typing this.  The window is open to let Persephone energy flow into this room and into me.  I feel a small vortex spiraling in my chest at the moment.

Persephone, to me, is in some way a Winter goddess as well as a Spring goddess.  By mythology she is in the underworld this time of the year.  Winter is said to occur because of her absence.  She is not absent to me though.  Winter is a time of her inward-seeking spirituality.  Winter is when the days are shorter and it can be a battle to feel lively.  As more time is spent in the dark, we have the choice to embrace that and become stronger or to sulk.  May you all grow stronger.  Blessed be, y’all.


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