History Classes are Important

I recently read a sort of forwarded tirade that was shared on facebook.  The person who shared it seemed to think it was quite profound.  I, on the other hand, was perplexed by how blind it was to history.   The tirade mentioned an interview in which Billy Graham’s daughter was asked why God let 911 happen.  Her response was essentially that it was because our nation has asked God to leave it alone by pulling him out of our schools, government, and our lives.  Then the tirade goes on and on to declare that “children have no conscience” and “the world is going to hell” because we are not a Christian nation.

This is why history classes are important.  Are the people who hold stock in such a tirade unaware of The Inquisition?  What about the Salem Witch Trials?  The Crusades?  If they knew about these areas of history they would know that being a Christian nation does not ensure that the world is a peaceful place.  I’m a pretty open-minded and spiritual person.  Highly scientific people would likely scoff at my beliefs.  I am not scoffing at anybody’s religious or spiritual beliefs.  My issue is with the denial of widely known historical occurrences in order to get on a soap box and tell everybody that the world is going to hell because they don’t adhere to your religion.

Additionally, you can’t complain much about the country not being Christian when a large number of people in this country consider themselves to be Christian.  My city is a fairly small city.  Yet, I believe I may have counted about 19 churches while running errands with my Dad.  That was just inside the city limits.  There are 3 churches within a short walking distance to the middle and high schools I attended in a small rural community.  This town has 3 churches when it only has 2 gas stations.  To add one more point, churches are tax exempt.  That really says something when you live somewhere that taxes people’s income, property (land and home), automobiles, and every single thing purchased from a business (including food and beverage).

I suppose that is enough venting.  Blessed be, y’all.


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