Friday the 13th

In the spirit of the day, my usually very sweet kitty cat momentarily turned into a monster and decided that I needed to look like a recovering suicide patient.  We had been snuggling when he decided to latch onto my hand and repeatedly kick at my wrist.  It thankfully did not take long to detach him from me.  I cleaned the scratches, and he is getting ignored for a bit.  A stinging wrist does not exactly put me in an affectionate mood.  Hopefully the silent treatment will give him the idea that I don’t much care for being attacked.

Also in the spirit of Friday the 13th, it is rather cloudy.  I don’t much like when it is gray outside all day because that seems to cause me fatigue.  Hopefully that will not be the case.  Hopefully this day gets better and gives me no more problems.  Good luck to you all.


6 thoughts on “Friday the 13th

      1. Perhaps his balloon was full and he needed more exercise? Depends on the cat. My Nephew largely takes care of the exercising and playing for my sisters cat. She comes to me for petting and sitting on my lap when I want to use the computer.


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