Paranormal Chess

Today I saw quite an interesting segment of Mysteries at the Museum.  It discussed how a man named Patrick Leonard had been friends and chess partners with Maurice Tillet (the French wrestler said to have inspired Shrek).  Leonard had a bust made from his friend’s face when Tillet passed away.  After some time without his chess partner to play with, Leonard got an electric chess board and started playing.  One day he went to unplug the board (no batteries in this board), and discovered it was not plugged in.  He had the board tested trying to find out what scientific reason there could be that the board worked unplugged.  No cause was found.  Leonard noticed that the board played in the style of his late friend.  He even had the bust tested to see if it had somehow been rigged and was effecting his chess board.  It was found just to be a plaster cast.  They decided to test the board by elevating it on glasses so that the underneath could be seen.  The board was unplugged and apparently the bust of Tillet was close by.  The board turned itself on and Leonard played a game in which the opponent played I believe forty something moves by the time the game had ended.  The logically minded Leonard concluded that the spirit of his late friend was playing chess with him through the electronic board.  They continued to play this way for years to come.  The bust is now in a museum after Leonard’s death in 2013.  The board stopped mysteriously working after his death.


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