Light Shiners


I channeled this a week ago by using the inspirational writing method.  This is a style of channeling in which you let words flow from you without worrying too much about what you are typing in the moment.  It is different than a mediumship style of channeling.  Here goes:

If you shine a light, people will see you.  That is not an issue.  The issue is that people may not like that light being shone.  People may resent that light being shone, even if those people claim to be fearful of the dark.  There is misunderstanding about what is light and what is dark.  “Good is light, bad is dark.”  Really things are not that simple.  Those who are afraid of the dark and live in an illusion of light can actually be centered in darkness, denying their own truths as well as realities outside of themselves.  If you come among people and give them a message in hopes to provide illumination, you will receive ready ears from those who have been waiting to receive a message of truth.  You will also receive screams of anger and fear from those who are not ready for truth.  If you are lucky, those not ready will merely roll their eyes and dismiss your words.

Thus, if you want to be a light shiner, you must be ready to encounter ready ears and those who would claim you to be full of crap.  There is a way to scale this at least.  You can control the brightness of your light like the volume of your voice.  You can control your audience, or at least try to.  Maybe you only enlighten five people this way, but a difference is made on a small scale.  The small difference could potentially cause a ripple effect and make a bigger difference.  It takes a very brave or bold person to shine their light full force.  This doesn’t mean they go around spotlighting everybody and saying “You are doing this, this, and this wrong.”  It means that they are willing to spread their message to a large group of people even though they are aware that negativity will likely come in equal amounts as positive reactions.  Sometimes the negativity might outweigh the positive reactions.  Are you willing to deal with that?  Are you willing to make yourself vulnerable on a scale that your family, friends, co-workers, etc. might turn against you?  If so, tell it like it is without strong filter.  Be loud, yet not overly abrasive.  You can make yourself heard while keeping a caring tone, a tone of love.  Finger pointing will only cause uproar.  If you want people to see their flaws, you have to be the light that shines, but they have to be the ones to recognize the shadows of themselves casted in the light.  They must be the ones to pick up a mirror and look at themselves.  If you try to hold the mirror to their faces when they are not ready, they will just close their eyes.

Realize such behaviors in yourselves as well.  When you feel yourselves fighting back at a person’s words, take a moment to notice why those words stir such a reaction from you.  Do they incite a fight or flight reaction because you are offended by the message being given for a good reason or because they highlight something about you that you don’t want noticed?  Examining yourself is important.  Do not be ashamed of your shadows.  Learn from those shadows.  They will tell you what you try to keep unseen, what you try to keep unfelt and unheard.  Denying them does not cause them to go away, it just causes you to be in denial about the wholeness of who you are and to live under the idea that you are better as half of yourself.  This doesn’t mean to let your shadows run wild and cause you to act out of pure impulse.  It just means to understand yourself better allows you to control yourself and your reactions with more grace.  It helps you to be less judgmental of others by allowing you to realize that contradictions and other alleged weaknesses have existed in you as well.


3 thoughts on “Light Shiners

  1. It can be hard to keep the light in and share with just a few. I am picturing a religious person who used to get a megaphone to yell at people on campus. I think they are no longer allowed to do that because they stopped. A part of us wants to yell our truths like that at everyone passing by, but the wise thing is to live by example. To live in such a way that people wonder, “How can she be so wise and kind?”

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  2. Your post makes me realize that yes, light is good / dark is bad, is not only over-simplistic, but also potentially dangerous. How many people in the dark, thinking they are SO BAD will ever come to light? How many people in the light, thinking dark is SO BAD, will ever do the necessary exploration of their shadow-selves?

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  3. Let me ponder these words a while. Hopefully my memory will remind me to write a better comment. It is well written and insightful, but sometimes my mind goes blank on what to comment. Watching my nephew since early this morning getting sleepy despite tea. Brain not processing right now.

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