Snake Dream

During my most recent sleep cycle I dreamt of snakes of different sizes and colors.  I dreamt that they were unexplainably drawn to me.  That they seemed to be dropping on me from nowhere, mysteriously show up wrapping themselves around my arms and slithering across me.  There were people around me, yet the snakes were not bothering them.  I looked out of a window and could see dozens of snakes spread out across the yard.  I was in a state of panic, completely terrified.  I asked a young woman who was tending to me to put me out of my misery, but she calmly kept attending to me.  She moved my shirt to look for and attend to bites.  There was a particularly visible bite on my upper back, I believe between my shoulder blades.  I was horrified at the possibility that whichever snake that had bitten me was venomous.  I think the dream ended shortly after that.  I probably woke up for a moment.  It seems it was a fairly short dream (thankfully).

I noticed some things while reflecting on the dream.  For example, everybody else seemed kind of oblivious to the snakes even being there.  Everybody exempting the kind young woman helping me.    Also, I don’t really recall any of the snakes being aggressive toward me.  There may have been some small defensive bites from small snakes as I tried to shake/throw them off of me.  However, I don’t remember any sensations of physical agony or sickness like one would experience if suffering from a venomous snake bite.  On the contrary, there was only the one particularly noticeable bite.  Though the bite was fresh and red, I don’t remember feeling pain from it.  Retrospectively, the snakes acted like they just needed to be around me/against me, but they did not seem to want to hurt me.  I think I recall at least one of the small ones that had dropped on me seemed to be giving off a vibe similar to what my cat gives off when he snuggles with me.  Yet,  I was overwhelmed by fear and desperation.

I’m not entirely sure what this dream means, if anything at all.  However, it seems like one of my dreams that does present some sort of message for me.  I can think of a couple of theories for its meaning.

  1. The snakes represent a change that I cannot avoid.  Even though it may greatly scare me,  more suffering will come from my resistance and fear than the change itself.
  2. The snake is sometimes associated with Persephone.  It has also appeared to me in shamanic meditation in the past.  Perhaps I need to devote more time to spiritual studies.  My studies have been low key for a while now.  Maybe the convoy of snakes was there to make a big impression, so that I would remember the message when I wake up.  Maybe that bite between the shoulders represents that I am different than those around me, and that being afraid of that will not change the fact. That while most will be oblivious to my spiritual goings-on, there will be somebody to comfort me even if that source does not fully understand what I am going through.

Perhaps both theories are correct.  Perhaps there is more to it than that.  Blessed be, y’all.


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