It is not a new idea that we are assigned lessons to learn for our lives.  Some may be here to learn compassion.  Some may be here to learn discipline.  Some may be here to learn how to overcome obstacles.  Those are just a few of many possible examples.  I feel that my lesson, or at least one of them, is patience.  This has been a theme in my life for many years.  I have learned the importance of it and have excelled in some ways.  Yet, I still struggle with it some.  I hate too much chaos.  I appreciate some fun random goofiness, and I don’t mind things not always going according to plan.   However, too much chaos flares up anxiety in me big time.  Hanging out with one kid can be fun.  Working in a daycare would likely cause me to become an alcoholic.  No daycare job for me.  The thought of working at a retail location on Black Friday horrifies me.  That is not because there is a crowd, rather it is because much of the crowd reverts to a primal state and will trample people in a stampede to get discounted electronics.  Completely horrifying.  Seeing people be senselessly mean to each other also eats at my nerves.  Ironically, it can make me want to be mean to them (the mean people).  A natural response to frustration, but still ironic in this case.  It bothers me when I am trying to do something or watch something and keep getting interrupted.  It has also made me want to slap somebody when I think I am done washing dishes and suddenly more dishes are brought to me.  That is kind of silly since washing dishes is basically an endless chore that you merely get to take short breaks from.  Oh, and I absolutely detest having a chore/task list verbally spouted to me while I am working on something.  Anybody who knows me at all knows that if you tell me five things to do while I am working on something, I am likely not going to remember all of it.  Just write a freaking list and tell me where you are leaving the list.  Anywho, I think you all get the point that working on patience seems to be a life long lesson for me.  Are any of you on a path with that same lesson?  I am interested to know what you think your life lessons are.

If you are not sure how to figure that out, just think about something that you are continuously confronted with.  Some examples could be an anger issue, a lack of self-control, persistent negativity, etc.  Whatever your issue is, therein lies your lesson to be learned.  Blessed be, y’all.


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