I Am Not Allison DuBois

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It is not all that uncommon for me to have dreams about being haunted, having spirits appeal to me to listen to them, or even spiritual warfare with evil forces trying to conquer me.  That last type of dream is especially exhausting.  The other night I dreamt that the spirit of a woman wanted my help and then she turned out to be he who shall not be named (I don’t mean Voldemort) in disguise trying to trick me.  Then several sullied spirits appeared in the room as part of the scare attack.  Spiritual defense alone kept me unharmed but did not make them go away.  However, I recall that by the time one spirit got to me I decided to ask God to forgive and cleanse the spirit and welcome her into Heaven.   That was what the doctor ordered.  I woke up shortly after that.  It was maybe around 4:30 in the morning.  I was more tired than I was when I went to sleep.  Thank God and Goddess I am not Allison DuBois or Melinda Gordon (I know the second one is fictional, but she fits in this case).  I had to force myself to stay awake for half an hour or so.  I have found that going right back to sleep after a nightmare seems to make more nightmares likely.  I found it especially difficult to ground and stay awake.  I was able to get some decent sleep when I drifted off again.  I was not particularly grounded for the rest of the day though.  It contributed to an extraordinarily lazy day.  I probably needed a lazy day though after that tiring night.  Do you sometimes have unpleasant astral adventures during dream time?  If you feel you really need a break with some refreshing sleep, you can try telling your higher self to keep your astral body inside your physical body while you sleep.  I also ask Divine to make sure of that.

May you all have peaceful slumber.  Blessed be.



6 thoughts on “I Am Not Allison DuBois

  1. I often don’t remember my dreams until I am going to bed the next day. Being in the same state they flood to me. When I studied NDE’s I used to help Spirits pass over a bit more. Now I sometimes have dreams about being in the hybrid program. Finding Bashar gave me an understanding of what the hybrid program was. Yet I was having dreams about the hybrid program from before I started to listen to Bashar.

    Lately, a lot of manifestation happens in my dream state, but I am unaware of what was manifesting when I wake up.

    Last night I did a powerful ‘Light Body’ activation after months of doing meditation to open one chakra after another. I warn you if you ever attempt such a task, to do the final activation on a day before a day you can sleep in. Each activation had different results, but the most powerful one so far was the throat chakra. This ‘Light Body’ activation is taking some time to come into full effect, but it might be even more powerful in the end. Just my body is exhausted right now. Would be sleeping if I could be sleeping.

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      1. I am not sure if it really how Bashar describes it. There are a number of women who have vivid dreams of having children with creatures not ‘human.’ The dreams go through the act of conception to holding the child in their arms. These dreams repeat and can even correspond with missed periods/food cravings/morning sickness etc. According to Bashar 1/3 of the human population agreed to be in the Hybrid program (on a Higher Soul level) which mixes human D.N.A. with that of other humanoid beings. Which is why so many people have ‘dreams’ of being taken on Spacecraft and having egg/sperm taken. However, I think there are many levels and many different programs. As I do not recall any Spacecraft abductions, and seem to have the knowledge the beings in my dreams are Fae.

        If a Doctor gives me a pill to start my period after many months of it being gone. My period will start before I take the pill each time. If a Doctor orders an Ultrasound to see anything is wrong, my period will start right before after being gone for a long time. So I think I actually carry the child for a while on some Spiritual level and it confuses my system. The longest I have gone without a period is was the full duration of a pregnancy followed by a very painful period.

        Perhaps if Fae babies are very small, I am actually physically carrying the baby too.

        So that is what people mean when they talk about the Hybrid program. There are support groups and such for people who have hybrid children.

        I discovered all this after years of dreams and missed periods. Now I have stopped caring to start my period when it stops etc.


          1. Yah, I tend not to talk about it too much. I worried it sounds a bit crazy even compared to some of the things I write.


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