Tarot Talk

Back in the day I used to read tarot as a hobby.  I didn’t read the cards professionally.  I just read for myself and some people I knew.  I didn’t charge.  The point of the reading was to sharpen my tarot skills, satiate curiosity, and perhaps offer guidance.  I don’t think I was too bad at it either.  Granted, I didn’t do the readings with no knowledge of a person.  Since I was reading for those I knew at least on a facebook friend level, I could relate the cards to aspects of their lives.  Some readers might call that cheating, I call it helpful since I am not psychic.  Anywho, I stopped reading regularly probably 4 or 5 years ago.  I stopped reading for others because they stopped showing interest, and frankly my friendships have drastically dwindled down due to the period of life we call adulthood in which almost everybody goes their separate ways.  I stopped reading for myself because I have simply wanted to take life day by day.  The only guidance I have really wanted is what career path to take, and I don’t know how to find that in a tarot deck.  It is not as if my cards are going direct me to be a sales consultant or bank teller.  If they have, I don’t have the reading skill to determine that.

Some people would say you can read tarot and still take life day by day.  I’m sure you can.  Some people draw a daily card or read for others without often reading for themselves.  For me though, I have to feel like doing a tarot reading.  I don’t think it would be very effective if I was not really into the reading.  For me, the best time to read tarot is when at a crossroads.  That’s when energy pours into the reading.  It is like spell work in that regard.  I am not going to hope for great results without a fair amount of energy put into it. That being said, plenty of people are more energetic than me.  There are people who can read every day and be really into it.   Such a person might end up reading this.

Now I will give some tarot tips for beginners.  Just because I have slacked these past years, doesn’t mean I can’t offer some advice.

  1. Get a deck with imagery you connect with.  This is very important in my opinion.  I had purchased two decks before I found one that really resonated with me.  I had actually forgotten about one and just remembered it.  At some point (probably as a teen), I bought a deck that I thought I would like because it was a fairy themed deck (possibly an oracle deck).  When I got it home and opened the box, I got a bad vibe from the deck.  The images really disturbed me and I had to return the deck.  The first deck that I bought and kept had nice major arcana cards but very vague minor arcana cards.  Like a 3 of cups was just a picture of 3 cups with a simple background.  That made it difficult to interpret the minor arcana cards.  I discovered my go-to deck by browsing images on the aeclectic website.  The right deck can feel natural to you, like a tool personalized for you.
  2. It is probably best to start off using a tarot deck that doesn’t stray too far from the Rider-Waite symbolism.  This is because most tarot books are based on the imagery in that deck.
  3. Don’t go crazy buying tarot books.  I know you are adults and you can spend your money how you want to.  This is just advice from someone who has a small library of tarot books and only really used two of them (mainly the one that came with my deck).  I would advise carefully choosing one or two books to start with.  Get more later if you feel there is more you want to learn on the subject.


That’s all folks.  Blessed be.



4 thoughts on “Tarot Talk

  1. I’ve been reading Tarot now for 2 years and still I’m learning how to interpret everything! I do it mostly for myself but I’ve given family members reading that they’ve said is pretty accurate. I try to do a reading everyday for practice but mostly I use it as a sort of meditation, something to focus on in my life or even just at that moment. I absolutely agree with the energy though, if I’m too tired or not in the mood then I won’t read because, like you said, it is definitely a form of spell work and it takes energy to read the cards accurately. I keep a journal of every reading I do and I like to flip back through it and see if what I interpreted at the time was right or if I was completely off base. So far I’d say I’m right 3 out of 5 times, so I guess that’s pretty good! :p

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  2. I have one Tarot Book in my collection from Half.com. It was cheap because it was used and had notes written into it. However, that ended up being helpful. The person who had the book before me created tabs of paper labed and covered with tape to quickly find the right card in the book. Also, they made notes that were helpful.

    I have only read for one other person. My sister, Sara, who says to this day that I did a good job. However, I do not remember what it was I said. She says it turned out being very accurate to how her life turned out. As I do not remember it, I cannot judge myself.

    You are giving me the feeling I should pull out a deck and do a reading right now. I had a dream of collecting Oracle/Tarot cards and putting them into a huge library once I get a house. However, now I have given some of my collection away. My dream includes collecting for a long time and when I am Grandma age giving out of print decks away. The ones I gave away went to a spiritual center where others will be able to use them. One of them was a signed Doreen Virtue deck.

    I have a feeling something unexpected is around the corner before I move. That it is not the time to start looking for my new location yet. Perhaps something will come up where I move to another city altogether.

    I think I am going to do a Reading for myself about OkCupid because if I have a mainly physical relationship like the psychic said, perhaps I should wait till I can have a meaningful one. It doesn’t have to last all my life, I just want it to be a meaningful relationship.

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