YouTube Pagan Challenge #28-34

28.)  Do you have a spirit/power/familiar animal?

  • My totem seems to be spider.

29.) Do you use crystals?  Why?  How?

  • Definitely yes.  I have thought of myself as a “crystal witch” before.  I love having crystals around me.  I feel like they help to positively effect the energy in my surroundings and in myself.  For example, holding or wearing some crystal varieties helps soothe anxiety in me.  I like having plenty of crystals in my room (which I consider my sacred space) because I feel they help cleanse and balance the energy of the room.  They are also very aesthetically pleasing to me which can surely help lift my mood at times.  My spellwork usually involves crystals, and in fact sometimes takes the form of crystal grids.

30.)  What does this time of year mean to you?

  • This was answered in my last YPC post.

31.)  How important are altar tools to you?

  • It depends on the tool.  The only altar tools that play a big role in my practice are candles and crystals.  My wand is basically just for decoration, and I have not even cared to acquire an athame.

32.)  What is your favorite pagan artwork?

  • I enjoy art made by Lisa Parker.  My favorites by her are “The Fortune Teller,” “The Witching Hour”, and “Watchman.”

33.)  What is your favorite pagan music?

  • I don’t consider it pagan music, but I find “Rhiannon” and “Crystal” by Stevie Nicks to be pretty witchy.  I’m sure those are common answers.

34.)  What is your favorite place to visit?

  • I love the Appalachian mountains.  I would adore living there eventually instead of just visiting.  My family has a plot of land there and when I visit I feel like the energy of my ancestors is there.  I even feel like I sense the spirit of the land there.



2 thoughts on “YouTube Pagan Challenge #28-34

  1. My favorite place to visit is Mackinaw Island an area natives found so scared no one was allowed to live on the Island and Chiefs were buried there. I think it is linked to a local creation story.

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