Celestial Events

penumbral eclipse image from wikipedia

Tonight brings a full moon (the Snow moon), a penumbral lunar eclipse, and a comet passing by which some will be able to view (I read binoculars will probably be needed).  Seems like it will be a great night for doing magick/energy work.  Speaking of things that are celestial and magickal, I want to state that thin mints are heavenly and full of magick.  I am eating them now, and they make me happy.  🙂  Yum!

Do you guys and gals have any plans to take advantage of the celestial energies tonight?  I am probably going to charge some of my crystals in my window sill and spray some snow water for purification.  I may even do a tarot reading.  I will likely work on cleaning and organizing some before tonight.  Might as well get the sacred space tidied up a bit if I am going to spray snow water.  I figure soon I will rearrange things in my room a bit and do some redecoration.  As those who have followed my blog for a while know, I like the redecorate at least a little as the seasons change.  I guess you could say I like to make adjustments to reflect the energy of the time.  Spring is going to call for bright colors and airiness.  Spring is my favorite time of year and I will be thrilled to celebrate it with lots bird watching and deep breaths.

May you all have a blessed evening.  ❤



4 thoughts on “Celestial Events

  1. ​I plan on doing dream work. However, I do not know if the Full Moon will make it hard to sleep, again. Magickal times have the element of either knocking me out completely so that I can do dream work in the energy or making it hard to sleep so I do meditation work while attempting sleep.

    (The magick was knocking me out, but I needed to shower so now I have energy again.)

    I have full intention of using the Spring to do some Magickal Spring cleaning. You seem to have already mastered this. It is turning the action of cleaning into a clearing ritual. Everyday thing like washing dishes, cooking, eating and cleaning are areas ripe to be used with Magickal intention.

    As I stated before, I think it was to you. Even the way a person walks can invoke magick. So the trick isn’t finding the space to put magick in your life, but using the space you have to realize the magick of the moment.

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    1. I ended up moving my bed around so that I can better view the full moon while lying in bed. Since I lied down on it, I have felt more anxious than relaxed. I am having to focus to calm down. Hopefully I will be much more relaxed after the moon moves out of view from my window. Tarot will have to wait until I am calm because doing a reading while feeling nervous is no good.

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      1. I think I might do a reading or two and head to bed early. I am no longer tired, but work tomorrow morning. (These celestial events always to happen on a night when I cannot stay up.) I have a feeling something is coming up, a good surprise. So I am going to do a reading to better understand what is on its way.

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