An Update

To start, I have had a realization about the personal challenge I have recently started on.  The challenge is to keep my anger in check.  There is more detail on that in the previous post.  The realization I have had about the challenge is that some anger leaves about as quickly as it arrives.  That kind of anger does not seem worth analyzing really.  That is the kind that is a natural response to being annoyed or inconvenienced.  For example, it doesn’t take a genius to realize why I am getting pissed off if the cat keeps running across my keyboard while I am trying to watch a video on my computer.  I can make this anger short lived by simply shutting the cat out of the room until I am done watching the video.  Problem solved and anger in check.

Now to a different topic.  I have been watching a YouTuber’s videos about lucid dreaming and astral projection.  I don’t recall with certainty if I looked up the topic or if a video was recommended.  Either way, it was relevant.  I sometimes have annoying dreams in which In experience several false wakings.  I will realize I am asleep and try to wake up.  I will wake up several times in the dream before I wake up for real.  These false wakings are tricky because I can feel my toes move or myself sit up.  Then I realize my body has not moved and I was feeling the movement of my astral body.  In these dream experiences it is like my astral body is having trouble anchoring into the physical and keeps slipping out while I am trying to wake up.  It can get quite frustrating and cause me to have some difficulty grounding for a while after I wake up physically.  I suppose a word to describe the experience is “disorienting”.  I asked the YouTuber if she had experienced such dreams.  She said she had.  It was nice to know that somebody could relate.  I wonder if this kind of dream experience is fairly common or a sign of anything.

That’s all for this post except to say that I hope you are all doing well.







One thought on “An Update

  1. I have that kind of dream mostly when I have to get up to say take my medication or do a chore. From the depth of sleep will be the knowledge that I have to get out of sleep. So I wake up on layer after layer until I finally completely awaken. I think it is a common kind of dream to have.

    I once ‘woke up’ in a room filled with sleeping people in beds next to me. I rolled out of bed and crawled along the floor. I think this was another level of being. Our soul returns to the spirit realm in the sleep state and needs to get back to our current physical existance. Well in this dream I woke (sort of) on the level where I had gone asleep to come into Earth Life. They likely have put me back into the bed by now. When I die, I will awaken fully alert into that realm.

    I think it is possible to wake up in the wrong realm easily, but as we are tied to this one, we only experience those other realities in a dream state.


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