Oftentimes when someone says something offensive they are met with a response of unkindness.  For example: If a man says “Women are to serve men”, a large number of people will say “F*ck you, you male piece of s*it!”  Some will react this way because they they believe offense should be met with offense.  This is not particularly wise in my opinion, but that cause is not the point of this post.  Other people will respond unkindly to offense because they are appalled that someone would say something offensive to them.  Being appalled, they react with negative emotions driving them.  If belonging to the later group, you may be behaving in a hypocritical manner.  I have probably gotten swept up in such behavior, so this is in no way a soap box post.  This is a post to get people thinking about something I am now realizing.

How can it not be hypocritical to behave in a way that you would condemn another for?  “How can that (insult) think it is okay to insult me?”  Do you see how hypocritical that statement is?  Is that how any of us want to be?  I suppose this thought process and post were brought on by watching videos in which a guy tells people to respond to others who don’t like them as is by telling those others to “shove it up their arse”    The videos were obviously well meaning.  I am guessing a lot of people would feel great telling naysayers to “shove it up your arse.”  One can get weighed down by negative messages and long for the release of unloading that negativity.  However, might it be better to say “Your negative opinion of me does not effect me” or “You are wasting your breath by sharing negativity that I am going to reject”?  I realize those statements just don’t have the ring to them that “shove it up your ass” does.  That statement is more fun to say.  However, it just seems like it may not be the best response.  Perhaps the best response in some cases may be not to say anything at all verbally.  Sometimes saying something won’t make a difference.  There is no need to use our energy in a wasteful manner by speaking when ignoring a person makes more of a difference.

I am aware that this post is a bit rambly.  That is just how thought processes can be.

Blessed be, y’all.


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