A Half Glass


There is a popular belief in which we attract what we put out.  In some cases that refers to our actual behavior towards others.  In other cases the concept even applies to our thoughts.  I will say for this post that the first category is karma and the second is the law of attraction.  I believe in both categories that the outcomes can often simply be the product of human nature.  I will explain with a couple of examples.

  • For karma:  If you treat others like crap, eventually somebody will turn on you and leave you spinning in your own personal crap storm.
  • For the law of attraction:  Your perspective lends to self-fulfilling prophecies.  You will hone in on all the aspects of your life that makes it seem like the universe is out to get you if you spend your life thinking the universe is out to get you.  In other words, because you spent all day thinking about how it sucks that your coffee maker broke you might not see the bright side that the coffee shop you had to go to for coffee that morning had a “now hiring” sign while you are unemployed.

In reference to the law of attraction, lets discuss the old question “Is the glass half empty or half full?”  Granted the answer to this can fluctuate depending on mood in my experience, my centered self would say that there is simply a half glass of water.  This means that the answer to the question could be “both” or “neither”.  According to the law of attraction, would this mean I attract both good and bad?  Conversely, would this mean that I attract neither good or bad but simply exist within a flow and experience whatever comes into my reach?

What if the law of attraction is largely a product of persistence?  People think they got something great because they knew if they wanted it bad enough it would become theirs.  As a result of their persistent desire, all their friends and family knew what they wanted and decided to help them get it.  Can we say then say that a mystical cause is the credit for gain or that a more mundane cause for gain came into play.  I do believe that the mystical and mundane can be weaved together for great results.  Thus, I am not trying to prove there is no mystical aspect to what happens to us.  I am a witch, so my belief in the mystical is pretty obvious.  This post is a post of pondering.  I would be interested to read the perspectives of others on this topic if any readers want to leave a comment about it.

Blessed be, y’all.


7 thoughts on “A Half Glass

  1. It is actually quite a complex topic, complex because all the different ways an individual can approach life. Abraham-Hicks explains things in a simple way, but that leaves lots of room for the complexity of life messing things up. I think she said once that we are 99.99% there with the Law of Attraction. Yet, the process is so powerful now that the single speck of dust can freeze the whole engine. Old engines could run with dust and not freeze, but the high power engines in sports cars today need to be absolutely clean to run.

    So that is our problem I guess, that .01% of ourselves off balance. In the case of you and me, I think it is the same aspect of ourselves that makes us afraid of driving the car. If we could face, once we are ready, that fear, we would be finally working at 100%. You see even if you have a high-powered engine clean and free of dust, if you do get in the driver’s seat, it is going nowhere.

    So great and unexplainable is this fear, that even knowing that I could soar to new levels if I overcame the fear, it holds onto me where I do not want to face it. Being afraid to drive is actually the manifestation of a deeper problem.

    At least for me, it is the result of my Soul being afraid to drive itself down the path of life. I am afraid of taking the reins of the horse and guiding it the direction I want to take. I prefer seating in the rider’s seat and letting life drive the car. So I am kind of riding in a driverless car. People offer me suggestions hoping I will take the wheel, but I continue to hope the car will drive itself.

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    1. My fear of driving has more to do with vision. I am afraid I will get lost because of not seeing signs from far enough away (even with glasses) and glare potentially causing me to wreck. I have had to suddenly pull over on a country road because glare effecting me. The thought of swerving on a interstate because of glare blinding is horrifying.

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      1. Maybe if you get special glare prevention glasses. I know they can cost more, but perhaps a good pair of driving Sunglasses (you would have to research the best kind for driving at a good price.) Be sure to always have them with you when you are driving. There are also glasses designed for Night driving that help with that kind of glare too. I know because I saw some when I was researching glasses so I could use my computer late at night when I was having a lot of trouble sleeping.


          1. Something I would talk to an eye doctor about then. Perhaps you need a special kind of light filter to put over your sun glasses. The sunglasses you have might not be filtering the right colors of light for your eyes. An eye doctor would know better then me. They might also be able to help ease the sensitivity, have you talked to one about it?

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