Another Snake Dream

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I had another snake dream recently (I believe it was Friday morning).  In the dream, I saw sections of large copperhead bodies all over the ground, most of which were coming through a concrete driveway.  The bodies were as big around as python bodies.  However, no heads were visible.  It was as if the snakes peaked up above ground and then stuck their heads back into the ground leaving the middle of their bodies exposed.  One of my nephews and my Dad were with me.  I was a bit frantic and trying to protect my nephew by telling him to be careful of where he was stepping and helping him get inside my grandmother’s house.  I recall Dad trying to protect us.  He picked up a shovel and stabbed one of the snake bodies.  I seem to recall seeing that snake body split.  After I got my nephew inside the house I think the dream jumped to me being in a bathroom and having water coming out of the tub faucet as if I were drawing a bath.  I looked into the toilet that was beside the tub and saw the tail of presumably a baby copperhead at the bottom of the toilet boil.  I think the dream ended quickly after that.

I’m not sure what this dream meant if it did indeed have a meaning, but I can speculate.

  • Snakes are known to represent transformation (or shedding of the skin).  Perhaps the snake sections protruding through concrete represented the strength of transformation.  The fact that only the midsections were visible for most of the snakes (excluding the baby snake) might indicate that my head is still in the ground or that I am stuck in a phase of transformation.  Then again, the heads may have not been shown in the dream to prevent me from feeling too scared.  In the previous snake dream I was absolutely horrified, horrified to the point of feeling like death might be the only relief.  This time I was of course still worried because this was totally bizarre and potentially dangerous.  I only seemed to be maybe half as scared as before though.  Maybe less than half as scared.  The fear and reason for my Dad hurting one of the snakes in the dream was likely just the natural human response to venomous snakes since the dream was not lucid.  Thus I didn’t realize in the dream that the snakes could be symbolic.  The fear could have potentially represented a fear of change though.
  • “Snakes do not generate their own heat, and like them, we can find strength and motivation in environmental energy. Like the snake spirit, connect with the warmth of the earth and the sun; find balance in both the energies above and below. Once you are grounded, you can better channel the energies that surround you into positive growth and action. Snake guides are intensely earthbound and can detect tiny tremors in the ground, open yourself to the subtle vibrations around you and tune out the racing chatter of your mind. Once you accomplish this, you’ll feel in tune with your surroundings, and your inner being/desires.” (Sourced from  This makes sense in regard to the dream because part of each snake was above ground and part below ground.  The same website continues to state “As humans we use a great deal of our energy just keeping ourselves warm, snakes are ectothermic (they don’t generate their own heat) so they burn no calories staying warm. This is why snakes can go weeks without eating, and why they bask on sun touched earth and stone. The message here is to take things slow and fully digest knowledge and experiences. Don’t rush around in day to day life, and don’t be hasty in your decision making, be patient, meditative, and deliberate.” This also makes sense because the snakes were mostly seen on concrete during the day.  Concrete tends to be warm while the sun shines on it.   None of them were moving either except for the baby snake that was inside the house.
  • As mentioned above, the snake could be telling me to balance energies from above and below.  This seems to tie into the snake sometimes being associated with Persephone.  Persephone spends Winter in the Underworld and then resurfaces in Spring.  I can tell you that as a witchy woman with Persephone as my craft name, this weather has been messing with me.  I go through changes with the seasons.  The past month or so has been absolutely bizarre in North Carolina.  We had weather in the 70s starting in February I believe.  Then this past week the temperature dropped back down to lows in the 20s and we had a little snow this most recent weekend.  One day it’s “Hello Miss Merry Sunshine” and the next it’s “Hello darkness, my old friend” with cloudy skies and a chill in the air.  Maybe the snakes in my dream were confused by the weather too.  They started coming out into the sunshine because it seemed like Spring and then they realized it was getting cold again and decided to burrow back into the earth.  They left a little bit of their bodies out of the ground because they were so freaking confused.

That’s all for this post.  Blessed be, y’all.


One thought on “Another Snake Dream

  1. I hardly ever dream of snakes. The ones in Michigan tend to be harmless. Yes they can bite, but you are not going to die from it. So I grow up hardly ever seeing snakes and never having to fear them. Michigan might get cold, but it is one of the safer states (when you don’t count Detroit.) Tornados tend to be smaller, Earthquakes unnoticeable, a good amount of rain, on Hurricanes. Even with a good amount of rain there are few floods. Excluding Winter the weather while unpredictable is milder. A long growing season. Lots of trees, even in most cities. Michiganders like trees in their cities. (Detroit being the exception because bugs took out their ancient trees.)


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