A big topic in the New Age world is ascension.  There is a belief that we are in the midst of a global awakening in which humanity is ascending into a new dimension as higher vibration beings.  This post is not to discredit that belief, but rather it is to state why that belief does not click with me.

I enjoy watching videos by a sort of ascension guru named Victor Oddo.  In the video of his I most recently watched he talked about how it could be difficult to believe humanity is awakening/ascending while the world is in chaos.  He believes this chaos is due to people awakening and expressing their concerns (in a nut shell).  That is what helps him get through his days, so I am glad that philosophy helps him.  I am glad if it helps others.  However, my thought is that chaos is simply a part of human nature.

I feel like many people are getting caught up in how “awful” this present time is in such a way that they think this time in history stands out.  It stands out to this generation because we are living in it.  However, there is pretty much always chaos going on in the world.  Wars, rapes, murders, slavery, etc. are weaved all throughout human history.  That seems to be a constant.  Perhaps people don’t always recognize that because they have experienced relative peace in their areas of the globe.  If civil unrest is a sign of ascension, humanity has always been going through the ascension process.  That seems to me to mean that this period of time is not special in that regard.

Do I believe in awakenings?  Yes.  I believe in personal awakenings.  I believe those awakenings can happen to a large number of people simultaneously.  That’s why Victor’s videos can still connect with me.  (Of course that connection is also aided by his demeanor.  He seems like the kind of guy you could have cool lunchtime conversations with.)

Do I believe in ascension?  Yes.  However, I think my perception of ascension is closer to the view Buddhists have.  I believe you keep working on your soul until you get to the point you don’t need to reincarnate anymore.  I don’t have anything else I feel the need to express about the subject at this time.  Blessed be, y’all.



5 thoughts on “Ascension?

  1. I am a little torn. I so want Abraham to be right (to a certain extent.) I want to find abundance beyond my wildest dreaming just doing what I LOVE. Yet, I follow the realistic path of finding a cheap small space to live in.

    A place I do not really feel called to and I want to get a roommate for my current place even if my family keeps telling me I run the risk of such a person not paying their half of the rent.

    Part of me is glad for the chance to live for myself once my nephew moves away in August. Another part of me is going to miss him dearly. I have helped raise him since he was a baby.

    I do want it to be true that the world is changing.

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      1. The thing is that the small room in a shared house isn’t any cheaper than renewing my current lease with a new roommate. It is a smaller room and living space with 3-4 other roommates sharing a small kitchen and it will cost me the same. The only reason my family wants me to move is because they think it is possible my roommate would fail to pay rent leaving me stuck with the whole rent.

        So I decided to take action and email my current apartment complex about if they have leases where they let people pay separately, which I have never heard of.

        The location of my current apartment is better too.

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