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Some weeks ago I had a potential accidental astral projection and mentioned it in a post.  I will recap it because it lends to this post.

That experience happened because my mind has this lovely way of informing me while sleeping that I need to tinkle.  Instead of just waking my body up, it has me in dreams looking all over the place for a usable, unoccupied toilet.  It is rather annoying, but I have gotten to the point that sometimes I am eventually able to realize that I am dreaming and need to wake up to go to the bathroom.  On that occasion I realized what was going on and told myself to wake up.  So I did.  Rather I thought I did.  I felt myself sit up in bed.  Then noticed my body was still lying down.  I was not freaked out, just annoyed I think because I wanted to wake up for real and figured I had just fake woke up in a dream. I think I may have “woke up” a few times before actually waking up.  I don’t quite remember.  I do recall that my room was set up differently in the dream than in waking hours.  My room was set up according to a previous furniture layout.

It was brought to my attention somehow shortly after that that experience may have been a false awakening symptom of astral projection.  I may not have just dreamed what happened, but may have unintentionally partially projected from my physical body.  Since then I have watched several astral projection story videos on YouTube.  I became a bit fascinated by them.  I was too scared to purposely project myself because of fear (probably largely brought on by the movie Insidious and an experience Shane Dawson shared).  As the weeks progressed I learned more and more about the topic.  There were different views that I didn’t quite click with.  There was the hippie dippy “nothing can hurt you when you project and everything is awesome” perspective.  Didn’t believe that.  Then there is the “It is dangerous so you probably shouldn’t mess with it” perspective.
I leaned more toward that, but if it was always bad it didn’t make sense that so many people were talking about how awesome it is.

The third perspective appeared more recently and seems to sit best with me currently.  That perspective is that it can be dangerous to astral project, but like other things in the occult or metaphysical realm, it can be used safely and to advantage if one properly educates oneself before jumping in the water without a clue how to swim.  One vlogger said that in can be dangerous to astral project because essentially there are different vibrational levels within the astral realm, and that an encounter with beings in the lower vibrational level can effect a person for a time (I think he said days or weeks for him) in the waking life.  Like he felt off center, emotionally effected.  From this perspective, the key to safe astral projection is to make sure your vibration is not low.  You have to keep fear out of the experience.  In law of attraction style, being fearful and expecting harmful entities to appear will attract that experience.  In lucid dreaming or astral projection, that fear is manifested very quickly.  Thus if you suspect you are going to astral project, or find yourself unintentionally in a projection state, ask to be protected from any harm.  Call your guardian angel, an archangel, journey animal or whatever source makes you feel safe.  Do this from an emotional state of calm and theoretically you should be fine.

Apparently this perspective clicked well enough with me that I was ready for intentional astral projection.  I wasn’t ready to leave my room, but to roll out of my body and have a awesome spiritual experience in close proximity to my physical body.  I had prayed before sleep to ask that I be protected in case of astral projection.  Come the time my alarm did its 5 minute intervals this morning, i was still feeling sleepy and sliding the snooze on my phone.  I was a little worried about sleeping through all the alarms and missing my good morning text from my fella.  He gets worried if I go too long without answering his texts since I am usually pretty prompt about replying.  In he process of snoozing intervals, I flopped over in bed trying to get all comfy.  I had my head at the foot of the bed and was lying on my stomach.  I started drifting off and then thought something like “wait…what if I am projecting right now”.  Then I got out of bed.  I don’t recall for sure if I floated or rolled.  I might have rolled and then floated a little.  Either way, I found myself standing in my room.  The lighting I think was similar to what one would expect at the start of dawn (in the physical world it would have been a little after 11 a.m.).  I asked to meet my guardian angel. Then I see a man start climbing through my bedroom window.  I was initially taken aback because I think I expected an instant manifestation of like a glowing angel to suddenly be in front of me, and that is not what I was seeing.  I reminded myself not to be fearful though, and that this could be my guardian angel presenting himself to me in a way he finds suitable for the occasion.  After all, I know that popular perceptions of things are not always accurate depictions and that Divine helpers can present in different ways.  Past this point I won’t go into much detail because:

  1.  I feel like my potential first face to face interaction with my guardian angel may be something I should keep partially private because of its personal nature.
  2.   The experience was short, hurried, and I didn’t know what to make of the information I received.  When I woke up I didn’t have a clear message of what I was taught.

At the end of this potential astral projection (I admit it could have been a lucid dream about astral projection), my apparent guardian angel was showing me something in a book and talking to me.  I woke up while he was still speaking and the lesson was interrupted.  These next two details I find particularly interesting.  When I woke up in my physical body, I was lying on my side with my head by the headboard.  That may lend toward the experience being astral projection because I felt myself plop down on my belly with my head on the opposite end of the bed.  Granted I know lucid dreams can have very realistic sensations and I have watched several astral projection story videos lately.  The second particularly interesting detail is that after I woke up, I hazily picked up my cell phone to check for a message from my guy and the time, and at that moment I was receiving a message from him.  I didn’t get a message alert sound because I have a message alert sound block to prevent being bothered before a particular time (in case pesky telemarketers or wrong number dealers would wake me up).  I just happened to suddenly wake up from the experience at the moment I was receiving a good morning message.

I am not really sure what to make of the experience at the moment.  Like I said, it was pretty brief and I was a bit confused by what I was being told.  I wonder about it being a astral projection dream instead of an actual projection because I had heard it say that the difference between lucid dreaming and astral projection is how vivid astral projections are.  However, I believe I have also read that astral projection experiences aren’t remembered in vivid detail by everybody who experiences them.  I messaged my skeptic boyfriend about the dream/experience expecting he’d not think much of it.  Figured he’d casually say “That’s interesting” or joke that I’m kooky.  He was actually somewhat bothered by it though.  Even my skeptical boyfriend is apparently open to the possibility of an astral realm, and not too keen on the idea of anybody climbing through my window.  Also doesn’t think lucid dreaming should be messed with.  I said what I could to assure him that there was no need to worry because I pray before sleep and that it is possible I just had the dream as a result of watching astral projection stories.  That seemed to mostly diffuse the concern.

Also interesting, the experience seems to have altered my perception of time for a bit.  I woke up I think around 11:15.  It is now a little bit after 3 p.m.  It seems to me like only around an hour has passed since I woke up.  I have been on the bed with my cat most of that time and it is a bit…baffling perhaps is the word…that it has been almost four hours in what seems like an hour.  Anywho, I hope you all have a lovely day.  Blessed be.


One thought on “Astral Projection

  1. I used to astro project a little in my sleep. Just float around the room and such. Than a psychic hearing this decided (without asking my permission) to ask his guides to put me back into my body. I never went back to that Meetup again.

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