Hermit at an Impasse

Druid Craft tarot

The Hermit is known to keep to himself.  He withdraws from the world and takes time to learn about himself and the nature of things.  He wishes to gain wisdom and peace by removing himself from the chatter and chaos of civilization.  Many of us go through a hermit period, or are in fact rather much like a hermit at our cores.  We are blessed if we get to really take time to bask in our hermit nature.  That can be difficult to do when the chatter of society sounds like screaming in your ears telling you who you should be and what you should be doing.  I am thankful to have a safe place and time to just be.

While I cherish my hermit-friendly lifestyle, sometimes it feels like this hermit is at an impasse.  “Impasse” really is a perfect word to describe the feeling.  Impasse is defined as “a predicament affording no obvious escape” or “A road or passage having no exit”.  The card pictured above is perfect for this post because the hermit is standing at an impasse, lantern in hand, taking scope and trying to figure out how to move forward from there.  The view is lovely and the safe solitude is peaceful, but he knows he can’t stand in that spot forever.  I know I can’t stay in this spot forever.  

It is so easy to find oneself weaved into a web of worry when not knowing how to move forward.  Maybe a person has to take some steps backward and look for an exit they missed earlier on the path.  Maybe a person needs to scout the surroundings for bridge-building material.  Maybe a person just needs to wait patiently with their eyes open for a hidden path to reveal itself.  Maybe one needs to take a leap of faith.  Not knowing is scary.  The same answer is not likely to apply for everybody.  I have thus far been waiting patiently for a hidden path to come to sight.  This has seemed right for me.  Perhaps eventually my guardian angel will nudge me to take a leap of faith though.

No matter what ultimately takes me away from this particular point in my life, I know that it is important not to let fear take over.  Worrying too much about the unknown is not helpful.  It is harmful.  I ask God to ensure that my path peacefully reveals itself with plenty of hermit resting points.  I need time and space to center myself when my head starts spinning.  It is up to me to keep my eyes open (including my third eye to at least some extent) and to stay optimistic as much as I am able.  Blessed be, y’all.  May you all have plenty of time to breathe deep and get to know your true selves.


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