Yet Another Snake Dream

Although I don’t remember the dream in great detail, I recall I had another snake dream.  In the dream, my brother thought it would be funny to come up behind me and dump a cup of soda over my head while were were outside in his yard.  I was quite pissed off.  Then it seems like my brother also thought it would be funny two let two snakes go into the house (his house) to make me squirm.  I also was not happy about that.  Oddly, he and any other people around did not seem worried about it.  I think my brother in the dream was a little taken aback by how angry I was.  I knew one of the snakes was a copperhead.  I don’t particularly recall what the other was.  It may have been some kind of black snake.  I believe, like in the previous snake dream, I did not see the snakes heads.  I could see their  bodies sliding around under furniture  or whatever, but they area of their bodies that is the most dangerous were kept away from me.  I believe I was pretty scared in the dream by their presence, but the dream was not lucid and you freak out when a copperhead in under a chair inside the house.

Seeing as how this is the third snake dream I recall having over the past few months, the significance seems to be fairly strong.  I once again looked up meanings in snake spirit animal info.  I tried to find copperhead spirit animal info in particular, but that was not much of a success.  I noticed a feature of my go-to spirit animal info site that I previously was unaware of.  There is a quote at the top of each spirit animal description on the site.  I found out today that there are multiple quotes for each one and that the one generated when you go to that specific animal’s page is supposed to be the one your guides (animal messengers) intend for you.  Here was the quote for me:

“This marks the end of one phase of your life and heralds in a new and wiser awakening within yourself.  Know that this is a transitional period in your life with new spiritual awakenings knocking at your door.”

In further research, I also realized the correlation between snakes and astral projection.  Snakes shed their skin.  When one astral projects, he or she momentarily does the same.  I wonder if all these snake dreams predict changes induced by spiritual work through dreams (some lucid) and astral projection.  I am not trying hardcore to project, but it seems that I may be coming into the ability during REM states.  Same goes for lucid dreaming.  (Although frankly, I suspect astral projections are often misinterpreted lucid dreams in which one has a lucid dream about astral projection.)  Perhaps as time moves forward I will continue to have snake dreams.  If so, I hope that they evolve into more peaceful dreams.  Perhaps they could evolve into lucid and empowering dreams.

Blessed be, y’all.



One thought on “Yet Another Snake Dream

  1. Saw a baby brown snake in person yesterday while walking out of my sister’s house. She reported having found a long brown snake with seven babies around it in a Sunspot in her backyard. She moved them out of her yard with a long stick. Well at least one came back to lay the path up to her door.

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