Ascension Hairstyle


I had a dream last night/this morning in which Victor Oddo took on the role of my hair stylist.  His wife had bought a hair lighting product that had been discontinued and his wife wanted to see what the results looked like on me before she used it.  He asked if I was cool with that and I responded something like “That’s fine, if I don’t like it this is astral anyway and I can just change it.”  So he washed and dried my hair in salon style, then turned me around in front of a big mirror.  My hair was longer than it is in real life (down to the bottom of my chest I think), full, and sort of a medium or light ash blonde I think.  It looked pretty good, although it seems like I remember my face looking different in the mirror.  I still recognized the reflection as my own though.  His wife said the color was a little too light for her.  It was also a little light for my tastes, but I didn’t particularly mind.  Then we left the large bathroom where Victor had been styling my hair and came across a guy who seemed like he had a real chip on his shoulder, jaded like.  I recognized he was a spirit and in front of Victor I prayed for God to cleanse the spirit and help him forgive himself and allow him into Heaven.  The guy took a much happier expression.  Before he left to Heaven he had me and Victor follow him into a room decorated for Christmas.  I think he even put on a Santa hat and gave me a gift bag to say thanks.  The bag had picture frames in it.  I believe they had images in them, but I don’t recall the images well or think they were necessarily important.  They might have even been like the standard images that come in frames.

How I interpret this dream is that watching Victor’s videos are helping me to “lighten up” or lighten the energy at my “crown” chakra.  This thus enables me to be a more confident lightworker.  The gift of picture frames from the soul I helped was to say that I should make plenty of happy memories.

Blessed be, y’all.


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