Lucid Learning


Sunday morning I had what was probably the most lucid dream I have ever had, or at least in the top 5.  I have been having semi lucid dream moments for years.  In particular, I will tell a dream character (or characters) that I am dreaming and will soon wake up.  Then I indeed wake up shortly after.  This dream Sunday morning was not fully lucid but definitely had an increased amount of lucidity.  I didn’t ask to see unicorns or vacation in Hawaii.  Instead, I woke up in dream in a bed in a version of the room I was actually sleeping in at my gran’s house (woke up from a dream into a lucid dream, dream inception?), ran down the hallway past my late grandfather and my grandmother, then chose to jump out of the kitchen window which is maybe a 30 foot drop.  I knew I was dreaming, so I figured it wouldn’t hurt.  I must have figured it would be a quicker exit to the back yard than running down steps.  I landed safely and felt myself floating on water.  I believe I was laid back and floating on like a foot of water as if the yard had been flooded some.  I could feel the gentle water against my skin.  It seems like then I was zapped back into the bed as if I woke up again in dream and then ran back down the hall and jumped out the same window.  This time I landed a little further over in the yard onto cushy grass.  I remember that I felt the grass.  I remember tasting a couple random things outside because a YouTuber I watch suggests it to add to the lucidity.  I think I may have tasted grass and wet dirt or something (not appetizing in physical word, but still within the recommendation for lucid dreams).  My sense of taste in the lucid dream was pretty weak.  I think I have tried to taste chocolate or something in a previous dream and sense of taste was weak then too.  Another thing I noticed in the dream was that flying was not particularly easy for me.  I have flown in dreams before, but this time it seemed like I could barely get off the ground.  I didn’t let it frustrate me though because I was so pleased.  I did lose lucidity for a short bit in the dream when two men began chasing me in the yard, but then I regained my consciousness, turned around, and attacked them to protect myself realizing that I was in control.  Although the attack was of a violent nature, I didn’t do it in hatefulness and the dream characters seemed  annoyed at being made harmless instead of feeling pain from injury.  The whole dream experience likely didn’t even last five minutes in real time.  I wonder if my lucid dream skills will improve if I continue to have such lucid dreams.  Perhaps I will be better able to taste things (preferably cupcakes instead of dirt).  Perhaps I will be able to take off into flight as easily as an eagle does.  I wish pleasant dreams for you all.  Blessed be.


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