Bathroom Intruder


I have stated in a previous post that my brain tells me I need to wake up and use the bathroom by making me dream about needing to use the bathroom.  Right before I woke up today, I dreamt I made it to a usable bathroom right away.  That is unusual for my dreams.  Normally I run all over the place trying to find a usable one in dream before waking up.  That is probably a good thing because I have heard that actually using the toilet in dream can cause a person to wet the bed.  Anywho, I walked into the bathroom, latched the door, then immediately the door knob started moving.  I say that the bathroom is occupied but somebody keeps trying to open the door until she actually managed to do so by using force.  I looked at the woman like “WHAT THE HECK?!” (although I think just in body language), and she looked at me surprised that somebody was in the bathroom.  Apparently she couldn’t hear me tell her the bathroom was occupied and figured the door was jammed instead of locked.  Then I woke up.

Isn’t this dream kind of symbolic of how life is sometimes?  (If you are a parent to young children, it is probably safe to say that IS how life is.)  There you are, just trying to do whatever it is you need to do and then situations interrupt your progress.  People overstep boundaries and don’t even realize they are doing it until you raise an eyebrow at them.  If you are a person who is known for often overstepping personal boundaries, maybe take this dream as a message to double check your thought process before barging in on people.  Blessed be, y’all.



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