The Communication Minefield

Do you ever feel like you are tiptoeing around a minefield when it comes to communication? Sometimes it seems like it is okay for somebody else to talk about a subject, but the minute you talk about that subject it becomes a trigger for somebody.  You have to keep tiptoeing along a path of entertainment and weather related chit-chat.  If somebody else speaks from off of that path, you stay where you are and just nod to let that person know you heard him or her.  You could risk trying to walk off the beaten path, but experience has taught that explosions of negativity happen when you try to roam free.  It can be exhausting, highly frustrating, and saddening.


I find myself taking deep breaths and mightily exhaling.  I must stay centered and balanced.  Even though I apologize for unintentionally agitating others, I have to remind myself that it is not my fault that people can be so sensitive.  I don’t have to be upset at myself just because somebody else gets upset by a topic I mention.  I also don’t have to get upset at myself when somebody gets aggravated at me because I don’t know something.  I am not perfect.  Nobody expects me to be perfect.  I just wish that everything wouldn’t come with an inherent trigger warning these days.


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