There is an elation that can come with creativity.  It happens when you are hearing the muse.  You are channeling brilliance up on Cloud 9.  These are messages of joy, community, excitement, and positivity.  It can be a bummer when a writer or artist feels withdrawn from this creative brilliance.  This brilliance helps us feel in touch with our Divine sparks.  We can feel lost when we find ourselves out of that flow.  I seem to be experiencing some of that lost feeling lately.

I am sitting on the sidelines of that beauteous universal flow.  I miss the sensation of floating along purposeful and blissed.   It is so peaceful when you are cruising along on your inner tube of confidence.  Then those peaceful waters turn turbulent and throw you back on shore, worse for wear.  You bet I keep jumping back in.  I get my little moments of connectedness.  Then I’m back again on the shore with scrapes and bruises.

Some of the turbulence is caused by the negativity of others.  There you are relaxing on your inner tube when a harsh person comes in like a severe storm to wreck your ass.  Some people, whether conscious of their behavior or not, act as if they don’t want to see others happy and comfortable.  Maybe those people don’t think others deserve to be happy.  Maybe those people just hate seeing what they themselves do not have.  Perhaps there is yet another reason for such toxicity.  Whatever the cause, there are plenty of these human severe storms to wreak havoc.

Extending our time on the sidelines of the universal creative flow is our own bewilderment.  Those storms can get us so disoriented that we need to just sit still and recenter.  Unfortunately, those storms keep coming while we are trying to recover.  They blow debris and drop hail upon us.  Sometimes we feel like we are sinking into depression or burning with frustration.  We feel we may not be able to handle much more.  Then we recall that creativity can also be a salve to help heal wounds.  Our tears blur our sight we as express our suffering.  We feel the sting of the medicine as we apply it to our burdens.  When the tears have stopped and our eyes have rested, we may see with a little more clarity.  We can find our bearings, patch up our inner tube, and drift back into the flow.

We may be in that flow for an hour or month, its anybody’s guess.  Try not to worry much about the length of the ride.  Instead enjoy it and know that you have found your way back to it when sidetracked in the past.  Have faith that you can make it back next time you get sidetracked.  Know that you can create something beautiful from a place of suffering even if the subject isn’t upbeat.  It’s lovely to be in the universal creative flow, but overcoming challenges helps us to create beauty instead of just being inspired by it.

Blessed be, ya’ll.




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