Tarot Renewal

Recently I was gifted a comfortor that reminds me of one I used several years ago while staying with family in a different state.  I read tarot often during that period of probably a few months even though I mostly just read for me and one other person.  Spreading my new comfortor over my bed thus seems to have triggered a renewed interest in tarot.  Go figure.

I have now designated a 3 subject notebook to be my tarot notebook.  I copied 15 different spreads on the first 3 pages for reference.  I am leaving the rest of the first section blank so that I may add more spreads in the future.  The other two sections will be used to keep track of tarot readings.

I have never worked with an oracle deck before, but I am interested.  The Vintage Wisdom Oracle deck looks quite fetching.  It may end up being my first oracle deck when I am able to get one.  I am guessing that tarot spreads work fine with oracle cards as well.


Blessed be, y’all.


5 thoughts on “Tarot Renewal

  1. Hope you are well. Daily tarot ended up confusing me as I could not explain at the end of the day why that was the card of the day after I pulled it the day before at Midnight.

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      1. Thanks, having trouble with the Basharians today. The Bashar forum can really upset me perhaps there is something wrong with Bashar’s teachings if those who listen in are so apt to fight. Yet, I keep posting there.

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        1. I don’t know. I think I saw like 2 seconds of him once and clicked off the video. I have heard 2 Abraham Hicks audios. One was just an amusing story about a fox. The second was the one you recently shared. Something about it didn’t sit well with me. Maybe my frequency clashes with some of these popular channelers.

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