A Tip for Defeating Dream Monsters

I recently found myself in a level of lucid dream in which I was aware I was dreaming but was unable to control my environment.  A big rhinoceros monster starting coming at me, and my cocky self tried to command it to explode.  Well, that didn’t work out.  Finding yourself lucid in a nightmare and not being able to change it on command is not fun.  I started to feel a little panicked and thought I might have to command myself to wake up.  Then I oddly started pulling at its skin like I was stretching the latex of a balloon.  Instinctively I decided to keep pulling at the monster’s skin until I tore a hole in it.  This worked and the dream monster was defeated.

Retrospectively, I think I know where this skin stretching idea came from.  I watched a Shane Dawson video about lucid dreaming in which he said skin will stretch a crazy amount in dreams.  Thankfully there was a limit to that stretchiness in regard to the rhinoceros monster.  I’d be interested to know if this monster-defeating method works in anybody else’s lucid dreams.


One thought on “A Tip for Defeating Dream Monsters

  1. I am often an observer in scary dreams. Not often am I caught in the emotion of fear. When I do get in the middle of a scary dream I tend to wake up out of it. I am attempting to remember my dreams lately, but no luck. Rarely do I Lucid dream, but I also don’t try to.

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