I think I might be waiting to celebrate Beltane.   It is not a cheery-looking Spring day, but rather it looks like a storm is coming.   To those of you having a lovely sunshiney holiday, I hope you enjoy it.  Blessed be.  


One thought on “Beltane

  1. A storm has been blowing in all day. Got home after some erronds before the rain decided to start. Had a liver ultrasound where I couldn’t eat until 1 pm. Then my bus card had expired so I had to walk to the building to renew it from the hospital. Only because it is between semesters the building was closed so I had to walk to another building. Only I was so hungry I stopped at the first good restaurant along the way. After finally renewing my card I decided to do another errand that required taking the bus.

    So it was a busy day so far and I am already sleepy. I am trying to get up earlier and go to bed earlier. I am in that early diet phases before the body adopts to getting less food and stops asking.

    The one big meal a day idea didn’t work because as soon as I get up I am hungry. So I have been eating breakfast, noon, and dinner, with snacks too. I have been getting up between 8-9am because I want a healthy sleep schedual. I am working on becoming a morning person.

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