The Beltane Storm


A perk of being a witch is that I have plenty of candles when the power goes out.  This is great because the power did go out.  The power outage nudged me into a celebration of Beltane that I had considered postponing because of the stormy weather.  Isn’t that ironic?

As you witches probably know, fire plays a role in Beltane celebration.  (Granted, what pagan celebration doesn’t involve fire?)  With the power out, candles had to be lit.  I didn’t put them on the floor and try a fire jump, but that would just be silly.

I wouldn’t necessarily say that I took advantage of the thinned veil, but I did do a tarot reading for myself.  I did a simple four card reading that reflects the progress of change occurring in my life.  The first card I drew in the reading stumped me in a way.  The card was supposed to represent a passing fear, but it didn’t.  It did however accurately represent a development in my life though.  I journaled the meaning and figured I wouldn’t worry about how it was supposed to relate to fear.  I was able to see that the card fit in with the rest of the reading after the other cards were flipped over.  I was able to see that the first card reflected the first stage of the change that is occurring.  The fear aspect was apparently not necessary in the reading, so it was dropped.  The only other explanation I can offer to this is that I perhaps had a subconscious fear of not receiving the benefit the card represents.  I can now advise to just write down the interpretation of a card even if it doesn’t seem to make sense in its position at the time.  There is a possibility that it will make sense later.

Also, I read a bit from The Connection.  The book has little exercises in it to help the reader figure out his/her passion and purpose.  I did the first exercise in which I answered three questions about myself that are to be used as a foundation for my life’s work.  What the answers equate to is my desire to be a medicine instead of a harmful thorn.  That may seem a little contradicting since I relate to roses.  However, roses are beautiful flowers with healing properties.  As long as people are aware of the thorns, they can safely enjoy the flower.  That is where shadow work comes in.  Shadow work helps the rose create warnings.

I hope you all enjoyed Beltane.  May you find your passion and purpose.  Blessed be, y’all.


3 thoughts on “The Beltane Storm

  1. While no power outage, my sister lit candles to see how they would look in her wedding centerpiece. She is all about the little details in the wedding and has been stressing about the centerpiece for months.

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    1. People can get overly concerned about details like that. There is a line in my Queen of Cups description (in my tarot companion book) that says she can get so wrapped up in the details of planning a child’s party that she loses focus on the birthday girl.

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      1. Yes, she is trying to plan the perfect Instagramable wedding. Yet, she is not really focusing on the packing for the move to California only 7 days after the wedding. I do not think she wants to think about the move. Part of her wants to stay in Ann Arbor.


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