Tickle Monsters

I believe I may have been lucid part of my last sleep cycle.  Much of the details are fuzzy but there was an amusing occurrence.  I seem to recall a double headed black cobra or two snakes slithering close together.   (This will make the fourth snake appearance I recall over the past few months in my dreams.)  Then they morphed into two what were essentially Ridley Scott aliens with big snake lower halves.


Now I believe the reaction from a non-lucid dreamer would be “Holy shit, I’m going to die!” and then maybe to pee the bed.  I apparently realized it was a dream because I stood there and asked “What do you want?” or “Why are you here?”  They then proceeded to tickle me.  I kid you not.  One tickled me, and then the other one tickled me.  On the side and maybe under the arm.  I think I even laughed in the dream.  I told my fella about this dream occurrence.  He might now think I am subconsciously into some weird tickle fetish stuff.  That seemed to be the joke anyway.  :-p

Please let me know what happens if you confront a monster in a dream.  If you have already, was it quite amusing?


One thought on “Tickle Monsters

  1. I’d have to work on Dream Recall and Lucid Dreaming to get to the point I confront a monster. Last Lucid Dream I still had trouble with controlling the environment.

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