Black Tourmaline

The park I went to on my birthday has a little crystal shop.  That’s the main reason I wanted to go to that park.  There is a trough in the shop that contains a mix of various little rough crystals.   Probably 70% of the crystals in the trough are variations of calcite.  The crystals in the trough are $1 each.  

I was delited to find this black tourmaline as I raked through the crystals with my fingers. 

I feel really connected to black tourmaline for some reason.  Don’t get me wrong, I am a crystal enthusiast in general.  However, some types of crystals resonate with me more than others.   Black tourmaline is one of those.  It is lovely to now have this little piece that is suitable for carrying in a pocket.  I don’t much want to try to put tourmalines in matrix in my pocket. 

I think perhaps part of the draw I have to black tourmaline is that it works so well with clear quartz (my #1 crystal).  Crystal quartz are considered to be highly energetic crystals and black crystals tend to be considered as grounding and protective.  This little tourmaline pictured seems to bring a sample of earth energy indoors.  Its like the kind of energy you feel standing barefoot on the natural ground.  I am not saying the energy is to the same extent as the actual ground, but it is still felt.

Blessed be, y’all. 


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