The Suppressed Priestess


As you can see, the Dark Fairytale tarot does not have a traditional High Priestess card.  I was initially at least a little turned off by this representation of my favorite tarot card.  The High Priestess is how I see my true self, my higher self.  I love the traditional imagery that empowers her.  She has been the representation of achieving wisdom and balance through intuition and spiritual journey.  She confidently wears her garb which makes it clear to the world who she is.

This card has grown on me though.  I still love the more traditional take on the card, but I can relate to this interpretation of the card.  This card shows the struggle of being The High Priestess when one cannot garner respect by showing the true self to society.  It shows the pain of wanting to help others (or perhaps even the self), but being suppressed by what is considered to be acceptable and respectable.  This card rings out the circumstance of many women and mystics in patriarchal societies.  She has dressed like the Hierophant hoping to be accepted and safe.  Yet, wearing this disguise means keeping her true nature and useful wisdom hidden.  Chances are that this imitation also fails to get her the same kind of respect the Hierophant receives.  Thus, she grieves.



One thought on “The Suppressed Priestess

  1. I am suddenly picturing all the Nuns in the Catholic Church who do not get to say the mass like Priests. They, however, have really made their own society within the Church and the Pope often tries to ring them in for having untraditional views of how to help the poor. The Nuns are often on the front lines in poor cities while the priests are given often comfy parishes to run.

    So even in the clothes of the patriachal society, the female spirit is unbounded. Yes, she ocassionally gets in trouble for handing out condoms to the poor or some other act forbidden by the patriachy, but due to not being also the same position she transforms her position.

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