Migraine Treatment Products

This is a short post to recommend the products I use for migraine treatment. 

  1. This stuff is such a blessing.   I can prevent an oncoming migraine with 2 of these pills if I catch my pre-migraine symptoms early enough.  I tend to require 3 pills if I take them later in migraine development.   
  2. Coke is necessary to deal with the accompanying nausia.  Pepsi is not an effective substitute. 
  3. This clay cold compress helps deal with accompanying neck pain.  It also helps deal with the migraine itself.  

2 thoughts on “Migraine Treatment Products

  1. Thankfully, I rarely get Headaches and nothing I would call a Migraine. There are a few where I have to lay down because bad Headaches make my eyes feel tired. Usually when I get a Headache my gums get sore and my jaw hurts. My neck is fine. I blame it on not flossing enough, but sometimes I get them even when I flossed the day before. Anyway, the regret that I might not have been feeling as bad if I had flossed tends to keep my teeth healthier because I floss more to avoid the pain.


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