Preparing for a Short Vacation

Dad and I shall be retreating to the family mountain property for about 3 days.  There is no cable tv there.  The only internet connection is sporadic phone data reception.  Going to the mountain property is a blessed time of appreciating a peaceful and beautiful ancestral setting.  I listen for morning crow caws.  I watch for deer.  I relish the wonderful mountain air and the rushing sound of a nearby creek.  I also take time to do things I am typically to distracted to do.  

Thus, I will be packing some art supplies, binoculars, a book or two, and tarot items. I managed to compile a list of tarot symbol meanings to help me read my new deck.  I believe the list will be quite helpful.  

On a different note, I had another snake dream.  I saw  a few snakes while looking down into my grandmother’s back yard from her kitchen window.  My brother, and seemingly my grandmother, went out back to check about the snakes.  They both seem unbothered by the snakes.  My brother comes back inside, and at least one snake apparently followed him.  the snake quickly got on me and my brother pulled it off to help me.  It then sprung back onto me and bit me.   It didn’t hurt too bad but I wasn’t happy about it.  My brother let me know it was a black snake (non venomous), which would explain why he was not very concerned.   I think it was a juvenile black snake because of its size and the fact it had some striping left on its back end.  Tis possible that I had the dream because my grandmother told me in real life that she saw a black snake in her yard.  It could also be a reminder that fighting change will only make it harder on me.  

I hope you all have a lovely weekend.   Blessed be.  


2 thoughts on “Preparing for a Short Vacation

  1. Have a wonderful vacation. I turned down a vacation to Mackinaw Island over the Memorial Day Weekend. I would have gone with my sister who always seems to spend quite a bit of money on vacation. My Nephew, however, would be just as happy Pokemon Go hunting over the holiday weekend and doing fun things in town. Who knows when I will next be able to make it to the island.

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