24 Readings Since April 25th

I am pretty happy with the number of readings I have done lately while trying to develop skill as a tarot reader.  Granted some readings were “Card of the Day” readings, 24 readings in a little over a month is not bad.  Today I even offered a practice reading to a volunteer in a facebook group.  I have just been reading for a handful of people I know and myself.  It is too early to say for sure, but I have been feeling called toward the possibility of a future as a professional tarot reader.  From an analytical perspective, it isn’t likely to make much money as a tarot reader unless perhaps one has a large YouTube following.  I have no intention of becoming a YouTuber.  I am somewhat active in the YouTube pagan community at least (as a commenter and topic suggester).  On the other hand, a few satisfied quarents could gradually build up to enough repeat quarents to provide a stream of income suitable for a fairly humble, yet comfortable, living.  I will have to keep up the habit of reading for now and see where that leads.  Blessed be, y’all.


One thought on “24 Readings Since April 25th

  1. There are other ways to build a web following than Youtube. There are many who build Blog followings. I have followed a few here and there.

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