Week of the Swords

My personal readings from May 23rd until today have been rather swords heavy, with the Queen of Swords and 5 of swords popping up more than once each.  Something I am really liking about the deck is the way some cards stray from the norm.  It pushes me to really connect to the card instead of just looking up meanings.  I do still look up meanings, but allow myself to stray from them if the don’t click.  For example, today I drew the 10 of swords.   A refference book said it is a card of failure or defeat.  However, the look on the injured woman’s face had a different story to tell me.   

This is a woman who accepts the swords piercing her, as well as the shadows they cast onto her, with a sense of peace.  This woman seems to be miraculously alive and resting while in a condition that would have caused others to be destroyed.  She knows that panic or hasty removal of the swords could cause further harm.  In this case, accepting what injures her as a part of herself (if only temporarily) is the safer choice.  She also has the mind to focus on something other than her wounds, which helps bring her peace.  This card makes me think of shadow work and learning to live with anxiety, depression, emotional scars, etc.  She has lost some battles, but is not giving up; just resting.   She knows the importance of taking time to center oneself.  

Blessed be y’all.


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