Summer Altar Redecoration




*Deep Breath*  I’ve been working on intutitive development lately.  I have found a blessing of like-minded and caring souls in facebook groups.  I appreciate the opportunity for intuitive reading practice.  I want to try to connect and help people when possible.  Even if the help is it just cheers them up for a few minutes cause they find it fascinating I was able to read them well.  The problem is people either not paying attention to me telling them I have all the readings I can handle at the moment, or not caring an continuing to ask me for readinds under the same comment.

I am not a professional intutive.  My readings are for me to develop my intuition.  I appreciate the volunteers when I have asked for them.  I also understand that some people are truly desperate for guidance.  With that said, I am doing the readings for free.  I am doing it to improve my intuition and hopefully make a positive difference in that person’s day.  It makes me feel like some people are disregaurding me when I say in a post “The first three people to volunteer will get tarot readings” and then 25 other people comment after there have obviously been 3 people to volunteer already.  I edited a post in another group to say I had enough volunteers, as many as I could handle, and still I am getting more volunteers on that post.  Do people not read the full post or do they just not care?

I don’t have the energy and focus to sit down and give every interested person on the internet a free reading.  It can get overwhelming when people disreguard what I say and just drop me a picture of them with the word “thanks”.  So even though I am not a professional tarot reader or intuitive reader, here is the plea I make:

Please be considerate of the readers you want to help you.  Chances are they want to help.  They really do.  But they are people, not psychic computers or fortune cookies.  They need time to recharge, balance themselves emotionally, do their mundane activities, spend time with their loved ones, etc.  If you see them setting boundaries (such as a reading limit), please respect that.  Do you really want a reading from somebody who is exhuasted and scatterbrained?  Do you want a reading from somebody who is feeling angry or overwhelmed?  I can tell you that such readings are not likely to be very helpful.  Imagine if a baker decided that as an act of thanks to his community he would give away a free donut to the first five people that come into his bakery each Wednesday morning.  Then imagine there are 15 people in line who were all hoping to get that free donut and all of them asked even after they had already seen those five free donuts being given away.  At that point, people are disreguarding the baker and taking excess advantage of him.  It’s sort of a similar situtation.  Please don’t be one of the people that keeps asking when you know the limit has been met.  Seriously.  Please.

I wonder if this is how artists feel when people keep asking them to draw them a picture for free.  Even for hobby artists, that has got to be frustrating.

A Ponderance

Something I saw on tv made me think.  It was a preview for an episode of a show next week.  A woman had spent a ton of her hard-earned money to open up a salon in Manhatten.  Her business was struggling to attract clients so she had to spend even more money to throw a launch party.  She gets a call on the day of the lauch party telling her a women’s protest (apparently a massive one) is nearby and has blocked off incoming traffic.  You can see the business owner getting overcome with worry that she is going to lose her business because of all the money she spent likely being wasted.

This makes me ponder how much good a protest does if it hurts business owners belonging to the group being protested for.  Perhaps protesters should be creative in ways to get their point across without negatively affecting the people they are trying to protest for.  It seems like what they are doing is somewhat contradictory if they don’t at least try to make sure they are not hurting business owners.  Perhaps business owners should be notified in advance that a protest is planned for that day so that business owners do not throw cash into major events that day or bring in a full staff they have to pay when customers can’t even get to the door.

I feel like courtesy to fellow man is important.  If you can’t be courteous, why should people care about what you have to say?


Two Years and The Interpreatation of Dreams

I came to WordPress today to blog about some dreams I have been having (and I will), and I saw a notification that today is my 2 year anniversary on WordPress.  🙂  I feel like I have grown so much spiritually through my journey with this blog.  I appreciate the kinship of those who have journeyed along with me.  Thank you.

Now onto the subject of dream interpretation.  I have had three unpleasent dreams lately about teeth.  In the first two dreams somebody grabbed onto one of my front teeth with there fingers and was pulling it.  I could feel the tooth being pulled.  It was not fun.  Then in my most recent sleep cycle I dreamt of having violent episodes of uncontrolled teeth grinding to the point my teeth started falling out.  Also not fun.  In retrospect I seemed amazing calm considered.  Inconvenienced and annoyed, somewhat worried, but other random dream characters around me seemed more scared of what was happening.  Kind of odd that they were more concerned than I was.

So I looked up dream meanings of losing teeth.  Let me preface the next statement by saying omens are just another name for susperstitions that scare the crap out of people.  One interepretation of tooth loss dreams are an omen that somebody you know is about to die.  I’m going to strike this off of my interpretation list because I don’t much care for the idea of sitting around worrying about people I love dieing.  I read that the Chinese have long believed that teeth dreams have messages about communication.  The modern western society interpretation seems to relate to anxiety and/or your body telling you that you are grinding your teeth while you sleep.  That last one definately makes sense.  However, when I woke up I had no mouth or jaw pain, so I am thinking that was probably not the cause for my dreams.  I have theorized my own meaning of the dream.  I think it is good to consider your own interpretations as well instead of only reading what others suggest.

As you lovely readers know, I have been developing my intuition.  There was a fear of mediumship at the start of this because I don’t want spirits uninvited and of whatever frequencies all up in my grill messing with me.  I don’t want to be hearing phantom footsteps walking around my house or growls or any other disturbing mess.  I also don’t want to be walking around the super market and have random spirits be like “Oh, that’s my daughter!  Go over there and talk to me for her!”  Um…no thank you.  Giving a reading to somebody asking for one is one thing.  I’m not interested in being the seemingly crazy intrusive lady who can’t just enjoy her day out uninterupted/unburdened.  I am not interested in having spirits chatting at me whenever they feel like or can get the energy to do so.  I been putting my boundries up like the freaking Buckingham Palace with gaurds standing outside the gate.

However, I have I think 4 times now did practice readings related to mediumship.  (As opposed to stuff like “I feel sadness coming from you” or “I think you are going to get a new job.”)  I wonder if these unpleasent dreams (in which I seem to become less and less disturbed as they progressively take place despite the pain) are representative of mediumship for me.  I will note that I was seemingly not actually me in the first dream.  I was a young blond woman.

Mediumship is after all about communication.  Perhaps these are anxiety dreams about developing that ability.  I wonder if it is common for developing mediums to have dreams about tooth problems.  Hmmmm….

That’s all for this one.  Blessed be, y’all.


I have not been on WordPress as often lately.   I have been fairly emersed in psychic development.   Seems my spirit guides finally introduced themselves to me quickly after I became lucid in a dream this morning.   Pretty happy about that.  It’s nice to have names.   I hope you all have been well.  Blessed be.  

Intuitive Development

I joined an intuitive development group and a tarot development group online a few days ago.  I figure the intuitive development course could help me develop my intuition to help with the accuracy of my tarot readings and depth I am able to go into.  I think I expected the intuitive development group to post advice articles on how to develop intuition, along with meditations and that sort of thing.  Instead I have found that people post photos of themselves or deceased loved ones and the group members are basically just supposed to dive in and give their impressions.  The people who post the photos are supposed to give feedback so that the commenters know how accurate they were.  This was intimidating at first.  Admittedly, I like seeing a photo of a querent before doing a reading (if I don’t already know what the person looks like), to help me focus in on that person.  No tarot cards means less info to work with though.

Despite some confusion, I jumped right in and started slinging impressions.  I will admit that my impressions are very largely based on facial expression and eyes.  I believe a person’s eyes can tell a lot about that person.  I will also admit that some of my comments have been more like advice or suggestions that I just think is helpful based on given context.  I have not been shy to type things like “I’m not psychic, but…”

Perhaps a bit to my surprise and delight, I don’t seem to be doing too bad of a job in the group so far.  I do not have much info to divulge to those who inquire (and I don’t get a read off of every photo I see), but so far I have had pretty encouraging feedback.  The first picture I commented on was one of a woman who was looking for some sort of direction.  I told her I saw her in scrubs.  She told me all of her family worked as nurses.  I found that pretty interesting.  She just looked like a nurse to me, but I don’t for sure know why.  I guess that could be intuition.

I will also say that I have not commented on any photos of the deceased.  I am not comfortable even trying to give a message from deceased loved ones.  There are a couple of reasons for that:

  1.   That is a highly sensitive situation.  A lot of emotion is likely to be involved for the person you are giving the reading to, and I don’t want to guess if I am actually receiving input about their loved one or if it is just my imagination.
  2.   I don’t want to develop mediumship.  No thank you.  My teen years were a bit paranormally active, with some frightening experiences.  I don’t want to raise a flag saying “Hey, I am open to sensing all of you on the other side!”  I am definitely NOT open to that.  I want that door padlocked.  Nobody entering in unless God assigned them to guide me with love and protective energy.

With all that discussed, I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Blessed be.



What is a Witch?


I feel I may have discussed this before, but I am going to discuss it again just in case.  There are so many ways that question could be answered.  A hundred witches could each vary in how they define the word “witch”.  I can tell you how I define a witch.  A witch is a soul who seeks wisdom, the ability to manipulate energy, and a connection with what is sacred.  Sacred sources will vary according to the witch.  Generally speaking, nature will be respected and celebrated even if a witch does not believe in a spiritual world.

By my definition, there are probably many witches in the world who do not identify as witches.  For example, many members of the new age community would qualify as a witch in my mind.  The new agers I would consider to be witches are the ones who follow the cycle of the moon, use crystals, and smudge.  I believe many people who privately identify as witches use the New Age label as a way to describe their beliefs to people who might react negatively to the word “witch”.

Which leads to a reason some witches might never identify as witches.  The word has long had negative connotations attached to it.  A person raised with a strict religious upbringing might never accept the witch label (even privately) because their mind conjures images of an evil hag or harmful seductress.  Ultimately, it is fine if you don’t accept the label as long as you accept the truth of who you are.

Tarot Cards are Not Substitutes for Mediums

Anybody who watches haunting shows has probably heard of somebody using tarot cards to try to communicate with whatever or whoever is haunting a house.  Although I totally disagree with people dabbling with Ouija boards, at least I can understand the uneducated intent with that.  Tarot books I have seen provide no interpretations for haunting-related readings.   And if a tarot uneducated person pulls the devil or death card during a paranormal investigation, that person is probably going to freak out.  Even if they pull a 10 of cups, how are they going to relate that to a ghost message?  Does that mean a ghost is attracted to their happy home energy or that the ghost had a good family life?  Unless you are a psychic medium, that’s going to be difficult to discern.

Also be aware that trying to communicate with entities is likely to stir up more activity in a haunted house.  One needs to know to put up spiritual protection before even considering such.  Spiritual crafts should be respected like physical crafts.  You probably know it would be stupid to mess with a blow torch without learning how to properly use it.  That’s all for this post.