Psychic Gifts and Tarot Reading

Yesterday I read an article that I found rather interesting.  The author discussed in to-the-point detail how to recognize different psychic gifts and apply them to reading tarot cards.

This is the article.

I’d like to clarify that I believe people can have psychic gifts without being “psychic”.  The term “psychic” when used to describe a person tends to suggest a person with a highly developed psychic gift.  These would be the people who can intuitively tell police where to look for missing people or accurately tell the stories of spirits to the owners of haunted homes.  People in general tend to have psychic gifts to some extent though.  They come in the forms of gut instincts, nagging inner voices, and dreams.

I can tell you that I have been learning how my intuition takes form while practicing tarot lately.  For me, it seems to come in the form of a sort of anxious impulse feeling combined with inner directions such as to “pull the third card from the bottom”.  The descriptions in the article point toward a clairsentient ability which I already suspected.  The article might also suggest a clairaudient ability because of the directions of an inner voice, but I don’t think of that as something I am “hearing”, but rather messages in thought form.  I suspect some level of claircognizance might be at work.  According to what the article describes to be clairvoyance, that is definitely at work when I interpret the cards.  I would certainly not consider myself a “clairvoyant” though, since that is typically used to describe somebody who can “see” the future.

I am interested to learn which of these psychic gifts others have tapped into.  If you read the article, please leave a comment telling me what connections you made.


3 thoughts on “Psychic Gifts and Tarot Reading

  1. Clairsentience or Gut Feelings. Comes in the form of impulsiveness where I will suddenly feel like bringing up the correct subject in conversation.

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