Tarot Cards are Not Substitutes for Mediums

Anybody who watches haunting shows has probably heard of somebody using tarot cards to try to communicate with whatever or whoever is haunting a house.  Although I totally disagree with people dabbling with Ouija boards, at least I can understand the uneducated intent with that.  Tarot books I have seen provide no interpretations for haunting-related readings.   And if a tarot uneducated person pulls the devil or death card during a paranormal investigation, that person is probably going to freak out.  Even if they pull a 10 of cups, how are they going to relate that to a ghost message?  Does that mean a ghost is attracted to their happy home energy or that the ghost had a good family life?  Unless you are a psychic medium, that’s going to be difficult to discern.

Also be aware that trying to communicate with entities is likely to stir up more activity in a haunted house.  One needs to know to put up spiritual protection before even considering such.  Spiritual crafts should be respected like physical crafts.  You probably know it would be stupid to mess with a blow torch without learning how to properly use it.  That’s all for this post.


2 thoughts on “Tarot Cards are Not Substitutes for Mediums

  1. I haven’t watched any recent haunting shows. I do remember on Ghost Hunters the first few episodes had a person who blessed the houses to get rid of the ghosts. This person disappeared with no explanation. I yes most places they visited were proud of their Ghosts and didn’t want to lose them.
    I don’t recall seeing Tarot Cards used for haunted houses, I guess it is a newer trend. Here my exodus from television watching becomes evident.


    1. It isn’t common as far as I know. I did see an episode of a show in which a mother got tarot cards to try to figure out what was going on in her house. I imagine if she thought to try that, others likely have too.

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