What is a Witch?


I feel I may have discussed this before, but I am going to discuss it again just in case.  There are so many ways that question could be answered.  A hundred witches could each vary in how they define the word “witch”.  I can tell you how I define a witch.  A witch is a soul who seeks wisdom, the ability to manipulate energy, and a connection with what is sacred.  Sacred sources will vary according to the witch.  Generally speaking, nature will be respected and celebrated even if a witch does not believe in a spiritual world.

By my definition, there are probably many witches in the world who do not identify as witches.  For example, many members of the new age community would qualify as a witch in my mind.  The new agers I would consider to be witches are the ones who follow the cycle of the moon, use crystals, and smudge.  I believe many people who privately identify as witches use the New Age label as a way to describe their beliefs to people who might react negatively to the word “witch”.

Which leads to a reason some witches might never identify as witches.  The word has long had negative connotations attached to it.  A person raised with a strict religious upbringing might never accept the witch label (even privately) because their mind conjures images of an evil hag or harmful seductress.  Ultimately, it is fine if you don’t accept the label as long as you accept the truth of who you are.


7 thoughts on “What is a Witch?

  1. Yes, ‘Witch’ is a word which having the limitations of a word cannot contain the entire essence of an individual. It is a word one didn’t like thrown at you in the Middle Ages. Even in some cultures today, there are still witch burnings. I remember watching a VICE youtube video about it.

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