Intuitive Development

I joined an intuitive development group and a tarot development group online a few days ago.  I figure the intuitive development course could help me develop my intuition to help with the accuracy of my tarot readings and depth I am able to go into.  I think I expected the intuitive development group to post advice articles on how to develop intuition, along with meditations and that sort of thing.  Instead I have found that people post photos of themselves or deceased loved ones and the group members are basically just supposed to dive in and give their impressions.  The people who post the photos are supposed to give feedback so that the commenters know how accurate they were.  This was intimidating at first.  Admittedly, I like seeing a photo of a querent before doing a reading (if I don’t already know what the person looks like), to help me focus in on that person.  No tarot cards means less info to work with though.

Despite some confusion, I jumped right in and started slinging impressions.  I will admit that my impressions are very largely based on facial expression and eyes.  I believe a person’s eyes can tell a lot about that person.  I will also admit that some of my comments have been more like advice or suggestions that I just think is helpful based on given context.  I have not been shy to type things like “I’m not psychic, but…”

Perhaps a bit to my surprise and delight, I don’t seem to be doing too bad of a job in the group so far.  I do not have much info to divulge to those who inquire (and I don’t get a read off of every photo I see), but so far I have had pretty encouraging feedback.  The first picture I commented on was one of a woman who was looking for some sort of direction.  I told her I saw her in scrubs.  She told me all of her family worked as nurses.  I found that pretty interesting.  She just looked like a nurse to me, but I don’t for sure know why.  I guess that could be intuition.

I will also say that I have not commented on any photos of the deceased.  I am not comfortable even trying to give a message from deceased loved ones.  There are a couple of reasons for that:

  1.   That is a highly sensitive situation.  A lot of emotion is likely to be involved for the person you are giving the reading to, and I don’t want to guess if I am actually receiving input about their loved one or if it is just my imagination.
  2.   I don’t want to develop mediumship.  No thank you.  My teen years were a bit paranormally active, with some frightening experiences.  I don’t want to raise a flag saying “Hey, I am open to sensing all of you on the other side!”  I am definitely NOT open to that.  I want that door padlocked.  Nobody entering in unless God assigned them to guide me with love and protective energy.

With all that discussed, I hope you all had a lovely weekend.  Blessed be.




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