Two Years and The Interpreatation of Dreams

I came to WordPress today to blog about some dreams I have been having (and I will), and I saw a notification that today is my 2 year anniversary on WordPress.  🙂  I feel like I have grown so much spiritually through my journey with this blog.  I appreciate the kinship of those who have journeyed along with me.  Thank you.

Now onto the subject of dream interpretation.  I have had three unpleasent dreams lately about teeth.  In the first two dreams somebody grabbed onto one of my front teeth with there fingers and was pulling it.  I could feel the tooth being pulled.  It was not fun.  Then in my most recent sleep cycle I dreamt of having violent episodes of uncontrolled teeth grinding to the point my teeth started falling out.  Also not fun.  In retrospect I seemed amazing calm considered.  Inconvenienced and annoyed, somewhat worried, but other random dream characters around me seemed more scared of what was happening.  Kind of odd that they were more concerned than I was.

So I looked up dream meanings of losing teeth.  Let me preface the next statement by saying omens are just another name for susperstitions that scare the crap out of people.  One interepretation of tooth loss dreams are an omen that somebody you know is about to die.  I’m going to strike this off of my interpretation list because I don’t much care for the idea of sitting around worrying about people I love dieing.  I read that the Chinese have long believed that teeth dreams have messages about communication.  The modern western society interpretation seems to relate to anxiety and/or your body telling you that you are grinding your teeth while you sleep.  That last one definately makes sense.  However, when I woke up I had no mouth or jaw pain, so I am thinking that was probably not the cause for my dreams.  I have theorized my own meaning of the dream.  I think it is good to consider your own interpretations as well instead of only reading what others suggest.

As you lovely readers know, I have been developing my intuition.  There was a fear of mediumship at the start of this because I don’t want spirits uninvited and of whatever frequencies all up in my grill messing with me.  I don’t want to be hearing phantom footsteps walking around my house or growls or any other disturbing mess.  I also don’t want to be walking around the super market and have random spirits be like “Oh, that’s my daughter!  Go over there and talk to me for her!”  Um…no thank you.  Giving a reading to somebody asking for one is one thing.  I’m not interested in being the seemingly crazy intrusive lady who can’t just enjoy her day out uninterupted/unburdened.  I am not interested in having spirits chatting at me whenever they feel like or can get the energy to do so.  I been putting my boundries up like the freaking Buckingham Palace with gaurds standing outside the gate.

However, I have I think 4 times now did practice readings related to mediumship.  (As opposed to stuff like “I feel sadness coming from you” or “I think you are going to get a new job.”)  I wonder if these unpleasent dreams (in which I seem to become less and less disturbed as they progressively take place despite the pain) are representative of mediumship for me.  I will note that I was seemingly not actually me in the first dream.  I was a young blond woman.

Mediumship is after all about communication.  Perhaps these are anxiety dreams about developing that ability.  I wonder if it is common for developing mediums to have dreams about tooth problems.  Hmmmm….

That’s all for this one.  Blessed be, y’all.


2 thoughts on “Two Years and The Interpreatation of Dreams

  1. I think you can develop a respectful relationship with spirits. Set boundaries and most spirits will respect them. If you do encounter a boundary crossing spirit you can always do a little area clearing with magic to let them get the message that you are willing to help only on your own terms. Of course, you would want to make your list of conditions clear. I suggest writing out what you are willing to experience and what is off limits. You can always modify the list as you go along.

    I will give you a recent example from a Child Spirit. Now this Child saw my Nephew hiding and jumping out at me as I walked by, and saw all the laughter. I didn’t even realize we were being watched at this point. So this Child Spirit tried to scare my Nephew when he was alone in the bathroom by making the light switch move up and down and having the lights flicker. Because the Child Spirit did not understand and thought that scaring a person would result in laughter. After this happened twice, I reached out in my mind to the Spirit and explained that my Nephew did not find this funny. The Spirit stopped.

    You see, Spirits do not always understand that we find them scary. Others will even appear a little scary in your mind at first, but if you bless them and really talk to them in your mind they are okay. When you see the spirit in the mind’s eye you will not always see them as they are. So if you are in a fearful mood they will appear to you as scary.

    I am offering this advice as someone who for unknown reasons seems to attract spirits of all kinds. Places I have lived in a long time continue to attract spirits even after I am gone. My Eldest brother was joking the other day that my old room was haunted. I pretended that it was only haunted by Pokemon Spiders.

    As of late, the spirits have been respectful and non-intrusive. I think it is because I am no longer afraid of them. Now they only bug me when I talk to them first. I think I am powerful enough in my own sense of myself that the spirits reflect that respect back to me.

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