A Ponderance

Something I saw on tv made me think.  It was a preview for an episode of a show next week.  A woman had spent a ton of her hard-earned money to open up a salon in Manhatten.  Her business was struggling to attract clients so she had to spend even more money to throw a launch party.  She gets a call on the day of the lauch party telling her a women’s protest (apparently a massive one) is nearby and has blocked off incoming traffic.  You can see the business owner getting overcome with worry that she is going to lose her business because of all the money she spent likely being wasted.

This makes me ponder how much good a protest does if it hurts business owners belonging to the group being protested for.  Perhaps protesters should be creative in ways to get their point across without negatively affecting the people they are trying to protest for.  It seems like what they are doing is somewhat contradictory if they don’t at least try to make sure they are not hurting business owners.  Perhaps business owners should be notified in advance that a protest is planned for that day so that business owners do not throw cash into major events that day or bring in a full staff they have to pay when customers can’t even get to the door.

I feel like courtesy to fellow man is important.  If you can’t be courteous, why should people care about what you have to say?



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