*Deep Breath*  I’ve been working on intutitive development lately.  I have found a blessing of like-minded and caring souls in facebook groups.  I appreciate the opportunity for intuitive reading practice.  I want to try to connect and help people when possible.  Even if the help is it just cheers them up for a few minutes cause they find it fascinating I was able to read them well.  The problem is people either not paying attention to me telling them I have all the readings I can handle at the moment, or not caring an continuing to ask me for readinds under the same comment.

I am not a professional intutive.  My readings are for me to develop my intuition.  I appreciate the volunteers when I have asked for them.  I also understand that some people are truly desperate for guidance.  With that said, I am doing the readings for free.  I am doing it to improve my intuition and hopefully make a positive difference in that person’s day.  It makes me feel like some people are disregaurding me when I say in a post “The first three people to volunteer will get tarot readings” and then 25 other people comment after there have obviously been 3 people to volunteer already.  I edited a post in another group to say I had enough volunteers, as many as I could handle, and still I am getting more volunteers on that post.  Do people not read the full post or do they just not care?

I don’t have the energy and focus to sit down and give every interested person on the internet a free reading.  It can get overwhelming when people disreguard what I say and just drop me a picture of them with the word “thanks”.  So even though I am not a professional tarot reader or intuitive reader, here is the plea I make:

Please be considerate of the readers you want to help you.  Chances are they want to help.  They really do.  But they are people, not psychic computers or fortune cookies.  They need time to recharge, balance themselves emotionally, do their mundane activities, spend time with their loved ones, etc.  If you see them setting boundaries (such as a reading limit), please respect that.  Do you really want a reading from somebody who is exhuasted and scatterbrained?  Do you want a reading from somebody who is feeling angry or overwhelmed?  I can tell you that such readings are not likely to be very helpful.  Imagine if a baker decided that as an act of thanks to his community he would give away a free donut to the first five people that come into his bakery each Wednesday morning.  Then imagine there are 15 people in line who were all hoping to get that free donut and all of them asked even after they had already seen those five free donuts being given away.  At that point, people are disreguarding the baker and taking excess advantage of him.  It’s sort of a similar situtation.  Please don’t be one of the people that keeps asking when you know the limit has been met.  Seriously.  Please.

I wonder if this is how artists feel when people keep asking them to draw them a picture for free.  Even for hobby artists, that has got to be frustrating.


2 thoughts on “Frustrated

  1. This is why so many readers end up charging money. Even if it is just a little bit at first. You are attacting all the people who want readings but want them for FREE.

    If you charge money only those who most need the service will be willing to pay. I do not know you have a system set up for charging money, but even if you charge a small amount the number of inquiries will be more limited. Also if you see up Etsy, you can limit the number of products.

    Can you be annoymous on Etsy?
    There are a whole lot of people out there that want FREE readings and far less willing to pay.

    If you do not like this idea, make it very clear you will only answer the first three posts and stick to your guns.

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    1. The most recent incidence was in an intutive development group. People post their pictures and others in the group practice tapping into their intutition and strengthening it by doing practice readings and getting feedback. Advertising of any kind is forbidden in the group. It’s all about helping eachother to grow in intution. When I posted there were not many new photos up for me to read so I asked for volunteers. I’m not at the level I can charge yet, but it is a thought of possibility for the future. My fiance even suggested that maybe in the future I could charge for readings and basically that people go nuts when they know somebody is offering something for free. I did address the issue in the group as nicely as I could. An admin approved it and it quickly got several likes. My guess is other members also noticed that people were sometimes being pushy and overwhelming other group members.

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