Must Be This New Moon Energy 

I finally got the umph to start tidying and resorting my room a bit.  This of course involves redecorating my altar.  I am not finished with the process, but at least I have made progress.  Additionally, I want to start reading my shamanic witchcraft book again.  That means it goes on the altar as a reminder.  May you lovely folks also be moved by this new moon energy. 


These Hummingbirds Have Lost Their Minds

I keep a hummingbird feeder on a tree outside of my window.  It went empty a couple days ago, and I wasn’t able to get sugar until last night.  It got refilled today.

I have seen videos of like 25 hummingbirds sharing a feeder in harmony.  This is not my experience.  My experience with the ruby throat hummingbirds is that they are quite territorial over the feeder.  A male and female pair might occassionally share the feeder, but otherwise they chase eachother away from it.  Today this territorial nature of theirs has gone to the extreme.  They were chasing eachother so vigorously I heard them “thunk” into my window.  Instead of just enjoying the feeder, which has plenty of slots, they were chasing each other around like mad women ready to kill each other.  Acting a damn fool.  Meanwhile, a butterfly was just peacefully sipping away.  I imagine the butterfly was thinking something like “These hummingbirds are f**king crazy.”


Be like the butterfly instead of the crazy hummingbirds.

The Antenna Sense


I had an epiphany this morning.  The “sixth sense” is typically thought of as a blanket term to describe a number of psychic senses.  There is clairaudience, clairvoyance, clairsentience, psychometry, etc.  However, today I realized that the “sixth sense” is really the “antenna sense”.  It is when our brain is able to function as an antenna that receives information beyond what we physically sense.  That information from beyond is then processed in a way for us to understand, thus sometimes being sent to physical senses.  Thus if you “hear” psychic information as if it is actual sound, that is your brain’s way of processing the information picked up by your antenna.  All the labels of psychic abilities are really just labels of how your brain processes the information your antenna receives.  It’s all the same ability with different manifestations.  You can still use labels to explain to others how your psychic information presents itself, but that doesn’t mean that one psychic has a different sense than you.  Rather it means that person has a different experience with the same sense.

When the Universe Throws Your Phone

Did the Universe throw my phone?  I will let you decide.

Basically a year ago my phone charger broke.  I ordered a new charger.  As soon as I tried that charger, the usb port for the charger no longer worked.  So I figured out I could use an external battery charger.  I got an extra battery and for probably a year have been keeping my phone charged by switching between two batteries.  The method works fine for me.  However, shortly after I got the charger situation worked out, my phone got its first scratch/crack on the screen.  On my birthday a couple months ago, it got it’s second crack.  A little piece of the backplate also chipped off around that time.  I ordered a replacement plate for it.  It didn’t fit right in one corner so I resigned to just continue using the one with the small piece broken off.  Then my charger broke.  I rigged it to work long enough for me to get a replacement charger in the mail.  I used it quite happily for a week or so.  Then…yesterday….

My purse I have been carrying is  mini backpack.  It has a drawstring top and a flap that velcros shut.  I secured the purse before heading out to a consignment store.  I had the bag on my back, over one shoulder.  I was walking happily along the sidewalk in front of the store.  Then I heard it.  WHAM!  I looked behind me and my phone had fallen face down on the pavement.  The impact was so strong it actually knocked the backplate off the phone.  My screen was shattered.  The screen doesn’t even light up anymore.  The phone screen is super dead.  I can’t even move the files on the phone’s internal memory to the sd card because of that.  (Obviously I can’t plug it into my computer either since the phone usb port is damanged.)  Hopefully no favorite photos or important notes were on the phone memory.  I know I had an interesting dream detailed in a note, but I suppose not much else was that important on it.

For the past year it seems like I either have had shite luck with my phone OR the Universe had been trying to nudge me to get another phone.  If the second, I guess the Universe decided to “HULK SMASH!” the phone to make sure I got the message this time. Why the Universe wants me to get a new phone, I do not know for sure.

Of course my fella (who is in another state) is quite anxious over me not having a phone until the new one arrives.  (It’s an older model phone that is listed as new in box.)  It stresses him not to have instant contact with me (since I don’t intend to sit at the computer all day).  He is afraid there will be an emergency and he won’t know/won’t be able to get in touch with me quickly.  Although he is concerned about it, it isn’t the biggest deal to me to wait until Friday without a cell phone.  I think maybe that was part of what the Universe wanted was to get me to spend less time “attached” to my phone for the time being.  Society has forgotten that people existed without the masses having cell phones until the 21st century.  We have become so reliant on them that people lose their shit if somebody doesn’t respond to them within an hour of texting or calling.  It has become a bit like an electronic leash in that way.     You can’t just go about your day without your phone on you or beside you because goodness forbid you be out of reach for half a day.  It’s kinda sad and frustrating.

That all being said, I do love having a good cell phone to watch youtube with while I am in bed, text my guy, and have around for quick emergency contact.  Of course I also need it to make phone calls.  I ordered the phone I wanted at Christmas.  It is the upgrade right after the model of phone I have enjoyed since 2012.  The phone was like $20 cheaper than it was at Christmas, so that is a plus.  Hopefully it arrives in new condition like listed and there are no problems with it.  Hopefully the case and screen protectors I ordered work very well with it.  I am pretty happy to be getting an upgrade.

Blessed be, y’all.