Dream or Dreams?

Watching a tipharot video about the number of lucid dreams possible in a night has raised a question for me: What counts as one dream?  I think of a pause or period of wakefulness as the break between one dream and another.  Therefore, two dreams could be seperated by opening one’s eyes for a a few seconds, the dreamscape going blank as if in a meditative state during lucidity, or a period of time during sleep in which you seemingly cease to dream.  A dream might continue where it left off after a pause in some cases.  In those cases, perhaps that counts as one dream with a pause.  Perhaps that counts as two dreams the way that a movie and its sequal count as two movies.

I realize that many probably count their dreams according to scene changes.  If one is having a dream about the beach which turns into a dream about grocery shopping, that person might count that as two seperate dreams.  I essentially consider that to be one dream that changed.  I suppose none of this matters much.  This post likely seems like babbling.  How you count your dreams is a matter of preference.  Personally, I don’t think I’d bother counting my dreams so much as reflecting over their content.


3 thoughts on “Dream or Dreams?

  1. I count mine by continuity of plot. If the characters and storyline flow over periods of wakefulness and dramatic scene changes but the same storyline is unfolding, that’s all one dream for me. As you said though, it is definitely a matter of personal preference.

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  2. I consider it to be one dream if the me in the dream is connected to the different parts. If the me in the dream viewed it as a continuation, then I think that’s one dream. Sometimes I wake up from a dream, fall back into the same dream only I have lost time. Like the dream continued without me while I was awake. The me in the dream becomes super confused because it’s like I blacked out and can’t remember a portion of what happened. But I’d call that 1 dream. And I agree, it doesn’t really matter anyway. It’s more important to look at what the dream is saying. Sometimes my dreams throughout the night seem to have a 3 part message when I separate them out or sometimes all the different dreams will be plagued by the same theme or emotion. That’s when I really need to listen.

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  3. I agree with your definition. When you wake between dream sequences, that’s obviously 2 separate dreams, even if they have the same theme. When they continue the same story, it might be harder to describe them as 2 separate dreams though, especially if the waking period was very brief, like a momentary realization of waking life & then sliding back into dreaming.

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